been typing this a lot whenever I have left my blog dead for weeks or even months. and this time around, am writing this because am finally back to blogging life after I have stopped blogging for more than a year.

someone had been complaining about DAYRE saying it has no privacy at all as I can't privatize it. been thinking of back to blogging life for quite some time but the lazy bug in me just stopped me from doing it.
till there's a day I have finally have the spirit on editing the layout and pages, and here pops my new blog. took me only a night to finalize the whole thing, but the sub domain of the blog is a bitch.

wanted to put something else as the blog link when I have to set for the sub domain. but the best friend told me to put something sweet or my name in it, and I prefer my name in it, therefore, the sub domain is up.
undeniable, DAYRE is quite handy when it comes to blogging, but I love the sound of my fingernails hitting the keyboard whenever am typing as if am really good in it. besides, there is a word limit for DAYRE.
anyway, am back to blogspot and uninstalled DAYRE. =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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