just an ordinary outing with someone. went to Sunway Pyramid for the weekend.

outfit of the day :
denim top from H&M
jeans from Zara
shoes from H&M
bag from Charles & Keith

don't really remember what we did in the mall as I don't remember having any movie on that day. probably just did some window shopping and wander around the mall looking at the people passing us by. went to a random Japanese restaurant, MOF which I have never tried before though I have passed by the restaurant for countless times. ordered their set lunch (don with soup) which is only available on certain time, quite cheap, RM10+ per set. when the waiter serves the set in front of us, the portion looked quite little, but in fact, it's quite filling.

my set of chic ter tam goh. some sauce chicken and egg that go along with the rice.

someone wanted my set but we wanted something different so that we can taste more than one kind of the meal. so someone ordered beef tam goh, which is beef and egg with rice. after testing both, mine is better.

just me with the horse before leaving the mall.  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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