alphabet spaghetti carbonara

not going anywhere today because the Yi Wei has tonnes of assignments due and am kind of lazy to go anywhere. in addition, I got up with half of the day gone because I slept at 4 this morning. bought ourself some ingredients yesterday so that we can stay in the hostel all day without getting ourself starved. the Yi Wei said she wanted to cook fried rice but knowing nothing about it and I told her am not helping any single thing because we are taking turns in cooking. so she gave up on her plan and goes with mine as I have everything prepared earlier. it may look delicious, but I swear it surely tastes yummy as the Yi Wei finished her plate with a blink of eye and finished my half in no time.

ingredients of the day : alphabet spaghetti, brown and yellow button mushrooms, streaky pork bacon, cheese sausages, and smoked chicken ham.
the Yi Wei wanted to help, and she is complaining about how the bacon should be cooked, so am just standing aside looking at how she is going to deal with the bacon. threw some of the button mushrooms to her as well as the mushrooms need to be fried a little before they are ready to serve. after stir frying those ingredients that need to be fried. I told her to stay in the room and I'll settle the rest of the stuff. boiled an amount of water so that the spaghetti can be cooked, then add in some smoked chicken ham in the boiling water as am lazy to fry it. lastly, throw some cheese hot dogs in it. after all, boiling it is easier than frying it.
the very last procedure before the food can be served. stir fry all of the ingredients again before pouring in the sauce. not using the normal can sauce, but instead the Heinz carbonara sauce. tried some other sauce from other brand, but they simply disappoint me again and again, and this is the best carbonara sauce that I have ever tried. add a few pinches of salts and pour in the spaghetti and let it shimmer for a few minutes. tada! the food is ready to be served. 

thanks for reading. XOXO

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