Ambassador 1st interview

this is kind of a late post as this happened few days back, 6 days back to be exact. I had sent my CV to the university in order to apply as a Malaysia ambassador for my last semester.

did not have the thought of becoming till one of my ambassador friend told me to give it a try because the university does not have any Malaysian Chinese that speaks Chinese. did not have any high hope before and after I have sent the CV as I admit am not that outstanding compare to those existence ambassador.
guess am pretty lucky to get a call from the university for the first interview but somehow I missed the call as I was wandering in the mall with someone with my phone silenced. got quite nervous when I had missed the call and was told by the friend that the interview might be on that day itself or the next day.

after getting confirmed later, I was told that the interview is the next day of the day that I have missed the call from the university. quite a relieve after that, as I can't calm myself down before getting the time and date confirmed while watching movie.
and again, missed another call from the friend when she wanted to ask me do I need anything from her in order to doll up myself for the interview session. not really an accessories kind of person, prefer simple and casual look.
was told am supposed to wear black, fashionable and formal before the interview. I have black and formal, but not fashionable and formal, quite a panic for a few minutes till I simply mix and match what I have in the wardrobe to be formal and fashionable.

waited at the discussion room in the library before the name is being called. there is a bunch of international students that represent their own country and they were in groups, but not me.
looked quite pathetic and all thanks to my phone for being there when am in such an awkward situation. fucking nervous before the interview and was told there is already 3 Malaysia ambassador, and also told it might hard to get one if we do not have the charm.

tried my very best when I was called for the interview, mostly blabber about what was in my mind and forgot what I was supposed to do, impress them. hoping I'll get the 2nd interviewwish me luck. =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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