Happy 8th monthsary

it's another 12th of the month, did not celebrate the day on the day itself as we have classes. who knows someone skipped the class today but whatever, we had celebrated it yesterday and I still have classes today.

stayed at someone's place after dropping someone for class early in the morning, slept like a dead for hours till someone finished most of the classes. and yes, someone skipped one of the class yesterday.
someone went back to the room with my lunch and we get ourself prepared and out for our early celebration. nothing special, just wandering around in the mall and have a proper dinner, just like any normal day.

had our dinner at Absolute Thai because someone prefers Thai food when I offered a few choices of food for dinner. also, someone had never tried this restaurant before, which I think their food is real good.

someone suggested we should have fruit juice, as in orange juice or apple juice, but I insisted on fresh coconut juice because the price has not much different and the coconut is good. someone said the the flesh of the coconut is good because it's young enough. I bet so, but the flesh is fleshy which doesn't taste like as if am chewing wood or whatsoever. ordered only a drink as I know I can't finish the drink all by myself for sure, and yes, can't even finish half of it.

someone loves tom yam like crazy and ordered only a bowl of tom yam soup instead of a pot as the I know the portion will be just enough for both of us because am not spicy kind of person and therefore I won't have that much. but seriously, their tom yam soup is the best among most that I have tried, and it's the only tom yam soup that I really love. I can only fill my stomach with that bowl of soup with a bowl of rice. no joke.

ordered something in order to go with the plain rice. the pandan leaves chicken that comes in 4 pieces. it smells good and tastes yummy and it's freaking cheap. if am not mistaken, it's only RM18.

that's what we ordered for our dinner, of course with 2 big plates of white rice. we get our stomach occupied with only the 2 dishes and the 2 dishes are more than enough. someone told me I ate quite a lot compare to my usual days, as I can finish up the whole plate of rice all by myself and finished most of the things served on the table.

meals are usually paid by someone, but not this time as someone is almost broke. never mind, my treat  =)

lastly, a picture of us wearing almost the same outfit taken in Bata when someone is looking for a sport shoe.

Baby, Happy 8th monthsary. thanks for tolerating and thanks for loving me. I love you. ♥♥♥

thanks for reading. XOXO

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