hot air balloon festival Malaysia 2014

been staying in Cyberjaya for almost 3 years already and I have never been to the hot air balloon festival Malaysia which had been going on every year this time in Putrajaya, which is only 5 to 10 minutes drive away from where I stay. have been told about the awesomeness of the festival from the friends that have been there and also from what the bloggers blogged about. always wanted to go but somehow failed to go.

this time, the festival is back again and I went. did not know about how the festival goes in the previous years, but this time, there is a specific duration for the hot air balloon event, which is 7 morning and 6 evening. probably not many people attend in the noon due to the madness weather.

went there after fetching someone from the train station which is a few minutes drive away from where the festival is held. upon reaching the destination, the place is flooded with people and cars are jamming on the road as some of the drivers parked their cars at the side of the road. this is not the worst yet, some even parked their car in front of a fucking traffic light which caused a heavy traffic.

got myself a spot to park my car, of course in a parking lot provided because I don't want to get cursed by simply parking my car that cause the heavy traffic. there is quite an amount of empty spaces around the location where the festival is held, and it isn't that far away. wondering why people refuse to park their cars at the space provided. I don't know am being early (I reached there by 6.30 evening) or simply not much people know they can park their cars there as the parking lot is quite empty.

these are the pictures that I manage to capture as I left the place after buying some food and look at what kind of hot air balloon the festival is having. was told there was different kind of hot air balloons with unique shapes but the 4 kind of hot air balloons I saw by 7 o'clock evening look quite normal to me. the only thing that made them different from each other is the drawings drawn on the hot air balloon itself.

there is stalls selling food, all Malay food I guess, because all of the stalls are owned by Malay. someone bought the dinner from the stalls and brought them back to my place. there is a some kind of huge tent with sink and water provided that acts as canteen for those who want to have their food on the spot as there is tables and chairs provided as well. the so called canteen is also flooded with people.

did not stay long for the festival as the weather is just the same as name of the festival, HOT AIR. the weather is fucking hot though it is evening time already, and the air is fucking humid which made me sweat in no time right after I stepped out from the car. sweat like a pig after walking for 10 minutes and am in singlet already, though I wore an oversized shirt with me because someone forbids me for showing too much flesh.

tried to capture an OOTD picture with the awesome scenery as a backdrop but somehow failed because I look like a shape of a freaking potato. I have no idea it's either what I wore which made me look fat or simply because I gained fat. undeniable, been eating like a pig recently, guess have to cut off some and no more junk food in order to get back in shape.

went back to my place and am really grateful for having an air-conditioner in a room and no utilities is charged so that I don't have to worry anything about over using of air-conditioner. especially the crazy weather nowadays, I usually keep myself in the room with air-conditioner for 24/7 if possible.

picked a movie from the hard disk and found this old movie, THE HAUNTED MANSION. watched it all by myself at first as someone is sitting somewhere else far away from me watching Glee with the dinner which was bought from the festival. someone then joined me after finishing the dinner and got scared and hid behind me or in the blanket when it comes to some of the not so scary scenes. 

THE HAUNTED MANSION is a 2003 American horror comedy film which is about a workaholic house agent's wife, whom also his business partner is summoned to a mansion. as they have an adventure family trip on that day, she went her husband along with two of her children and the story begins.

am not really a horror movie person as am really good in imagination. can't really sleep for days after watching horror movie as the scenes will appear in my mind all day long no matter what am doing. was thinking of watching this movie at first when I saw the title, but  decided to watch this after seeing the poster and knowing it's a walt's disney's movie as I believe it's not going to be a horror kind of movie. someone kept on saying "don't scared, am going to protect you" again and again when the not so scary scenes appear.

moral of the movie : appreciate your loved ones before it's too late
rate : 2.7/5 (quite funny but just a so so movie for me)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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