How to wrap a book

went to one of the book stores in Bangsar Village shopping mall because the Yi Wei wanted to buy some stationeries, and end up buying more than stationary because there is some kind of offer doing in the book store. the Yi Wei bought 4 books from the on sales section and most of the books on that section are new arrival or even on the top of most recommended books.

Yi Wei told me she does not know how to wrap a book and called me to teach her how to wrap one but I refused to because I do not think it is necessary to wrap a book as I do not wrap any of my books since am in secondary school. quite sien at her at first because how on earth there is a student that does not know how to wrap a book. told her to Google on how to wrap a book instead and she really search from YouTube for how to wrap a book. what came to my surprise is that there is plenty of videos of teaching people how to wrap a fucking book.

I have been wrapping my own books since I was in primary school for most of my text books and I really cannot believe there is educated people out there that do not know how to fucking wrap a book. the point is, nobody even taught me how to wrap one and YouTube has more than a full hand of videos teaching people how to wrap a book.

so, do you know how to wrap a book? do not worry about it if you do not know how, because YouTube has everything you need. happy wrapping  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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