it's quite a hard time for Malaysia, or should I say Malaysians recently. issues are popping up continuously, problems arise one after another when the first one is not even solved yet.

1. shortage of water supply

was told that most of the areas in KL has the same issue, they do not have water supply for quite some time. I did not get to experience this as I was still back in home town by then and I stay in Cyberjaya after that, which I think it's not in the area where we have problem with shortage of water supply.
my home town, Kuantan, used to have the same problem and it happened at my housing area where the mother needs to queue for water with buckets in her hand just to get the water from the government. and was acknowledged the reason why we are in shortage of water supply due to Lynas. the condition lasted for weeks if am not mistaken as am not at the home town by then because I was in Cyberjaya.
can say am quite lucky when I don't have to experience the problem of shortage of water supply as it is quite a pain in the ass. hate it when I have to beware of the amount of water needed to use just to shower or even pee.
luckily, the condition of KL with shortage of water supply did not last that long and it's all solved by now. I hope the condition can be fixed so that the Malaysians won't have to suffer from shortage of water supply because water is more than something we use to clean ourself, but something we need to stay alive.

2. the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial

the former deputy prime minister of Malaysia and now the leader of its opposition has been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. Anwar now faces jail for his second time which had been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment years ago for corruption and sodomy.
from what I have seen from the social network, people are expressing their anger saying the government is playing dirty after the blackout incident in the last general election. seriously,  I was quite upset with what had happened with the last general election as I volunteered myself to help the opposition since I was too late to vote for the country. I know how much hard work had put by the opposition and almost everyone in the country knows how the government wins the country with their ways.
Am not saying Anwar will definitely be better than the Prime Minister we have now, but still, I believe his existence will balance up the country and make our country a better place because there will be no improvement if there is no competition.
it's not that I want to change the government, I just want a fair and clean election. I want Malaysia to be a better place with less corruption, less crime, and of course a better life. if the current government is able to do that, am fine with anything.

3. the missing flight

blogged about this few days back, click the link beside in order to read it MH370
there is loads of news about the missing flight and we were updated from time to time with different kind of explanation. one of the in charge authorities even think that the plane was possessed and hired some bomoh which made the news a headline news and also a joke to most of the people out there.
it's been a few days since the flight is missing with rumours spreading like virus. truly hope at least the plane can be found, at least something for those who had waited with broken hearts.

4. the haze

it's more like a tradition that Malaysia got attacked by the haze every year around this year and all purely because of our neighbour country. I wonder, why must they fucking burn the fucking forest? Aren't you educated? don't you know the earth is having serious global warming and mostly due to open burnings and too little trees on the earth, and now you're trying to worsen it. it is your fucking business if you didn't get to die in fucking 2012 because we do not want another prophesy saying the world is going to doom soon.
sorry for being too harsh. but seriously, the weather and air quality is really bad. don't know about other places, but KL and Cyberjaya is fully covered with haze as if we are in Genting Highlands just that it's not fog that we see, but haze. I pity my parents who are not working in a building with air-conditioner but in an open air environment which they need to inhale the toxic in their body. also, I sympathize those that have to work in this bad condition for their living as well. been staying in the room most of the time as it's quite depressing looking at the hazy weather and it's fucking hot out there. I sincerely hope there will be a heavy rain that will wash away all these haze. please.

it's been a tough time for Malaysians to deal with these non-stop issues. Malaysians, stay strong.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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