Pot and Bone

I love pork, madly in love with pork. if it's possible, I would like to have pork everyday. every meal. tell me which Chinese don't love it. no wonder the Malay (the rude ones) usually scold Chinese "cina babi' (Chinese pig), I guess it all comes to us having pork regularly but they don't, or should I say, they can't.

not a big lover of steamboat, sometimes do have a craving over steamboat. but someone is madly in love with steamboat, almost can have steamboat every time I ask where to eat. been feeling so so about steamboat till I found a place that is not halal (which sells pork). usually the franchise steamboat restaurants sell only frozen food and some slices of chicken, meat, the extend would be mutton, but those don't attract much of my attention till I find this restaurant with all sort of pork and bacon! been visiting Pot and Bone on and on every time I thought of having steamboat because they are that good. besides, it will be quite a waste for me to go for a buffet style steamboat as I don't really eat much any more.

guess Pot and Bone is really good as I have to queue every time I go at dinner time, usually I go an hour earlier or an hour later after the dinner time so that I don't have to wait for the table.

ordered jasmine tea with minimum 2 person in order to make the order.

top from the left : fried wanton, some sort of meatballs, quail eggs, tofu
centre from the left : tom yam soup, the signature pork bone broth
bottom from the left : *forgot which part of the pork, mushroom, pork slice, squid balls

fish balls and quail eggs are a must for me every time I go for steamboat but someone doesn't really take fish balls and refuse to have too much quail eggs because of the cholesterol level (how old am I to worry about that now?). picked one from either one of it and I picked quail eggs because I can still order some other meatballs to replace the fish balls.

I don't really take spicy food, so it's an absolute a NO for me to order a tom yam soup when it comes to steamboat because most of my food will become extremely spicy after dipping the soup though someone says the Tom Yam soup is not spicy at all. at least it is spicy to me. luckily by adding RM1 we can have to broth when someone can have the favourite Tom Yam soup and I can have mine. besides, they refill our soup whenever we are almost finish with the soup.

food  : I love it !!!
price : fair enough. 
service : so far so good to me. they are quite kind and friendly.
environment : what else to say when am in a air-conditioned room while having steamboat?

thanks for reading. XOXO

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