rude uncle

so this incident happened yesterday at one of the Maybank in Cyberjaya. I met a ridiculous uncle who kinda pissed me off for a bit.

I have some online transfer issue with the Curtin university as the system changed this semester. used to pay full amount to Limkokwing University, but the system had changed and we have to pay half half to the Limkokwing and Curtin.
of course, the Limkokwing side can be paid using TT, cash or even cheque but not on the Curtin side as it is an oversea university. therefore, only online transfer and peer transfer are accepted, and I have chosen to use online transfer via Maybank2U.

tried to transfer but failed and was told by the people from Curtin I have to fix some problem with the bank as am using a debit card instead of a credit card. called the bank and they told me to fix it in ATM machine.
was quite worry the payment will be delayed as problems are popping out one after another and the due date for the payment is today. went up and down to get things done and the last stop is Maybank.
sorry for being long winded, till now also haven't get to the point. that's when the incident happen, at Maybank.

so I was queuing for my turn in the bank where different kind of machines are placed. quite an amount of people by then, around 5 o'clock ish, but not till long queue that kind la.
tried for the first time to fix what had to be fixed, and the machine failed me for not responding to the button I have pressed. it even beeped as it can't detect what I have chosen.
tried to cancel the whole transaction and the card kind of jammed in the machine and the machine just stopped responding for at least 10 seconds. was quite panic when the machine was stuck, luckily it works after that.
then I heard an uncle behind me talking in mandarin, "等下再试". I thought he was talking to someone else and I kind of ignored him, completely.

I made my second attempt, having a thought maybe it's just the little issue of the machine itself, but the same thing happen again. this time I heard the uncle spoke in Cantonese, "迟点再试过啦".
this time around, I was quite sure he was talking to me. and then a Malay girl approach to me asking me if there is any problem, and when I turned around I saw that uncle walked to another queue staring hard at me.
I told the Malay girl there is a problem with my transaction thinking she was one of the Maybank staffs, turned out I was wrong about it as she can't solve my problem.
so I canceled the transaction as I have tried it twice and not succeeding, some more I have used the ATM machine for quite some time (less than 5 minutes). quite pai seh for using the machine that long cause others are queuing for it as well.
when I took my card out and decided to leave, I heard the uncle said "stubborn". this time around, he's speaking in English instead of Chinese, guess he's afraid I don't understand Chinese.
I turned around and I saw him pointing at me with an annoyed face in the queue of the machine next to the one I used. he was quite loud by then, as am at the glass door already and yet can still hear him clearly.

I wasn't offended at first, but he's freaking doing it again and again, and of course I got offended. I have lost control of my temper and fucking stare at the uncle and asked him, "is that even your business?".
he fucking shut his mouth and stared at me with a twisted expression which is totally different from his annoyed expression. then I just walked out from the bank and I noticed quite a number of strangers are looking at me, guess they heard me as well.
I just don't fucking get it, what is wrong with that uncle, am trying to make my fucking transaction and the machine failed me, it's not like I wanted that to happen to me. and am not using that machine for that long, I have only tried 2 attempts and I left after that, what is that going to do with him?
I queued for my turn and the fucking machine is for fucking public. I have my own right to use it for my own purpose and somehow the machine didn't point out what happened with my transaction, therefore I thought it's some error with the machine.

it's not like I have cut the queue or using the machine for forever, am quite sure am not using it for more than 5 minutes though I felt like am staying there forever. felt quite bad for using the machine that long and having a thought maybe it's some bugs of the machine that caused my transaction failed.
so, I went to another branch in Cyberjaya and my first attempt kind of failed as well, but the machine is quite new, so the card didn't jam in the machine for that long. did my second attempt with some other method and somehow it worked.
didn't know the transaction limit is RM5k and I have set my limit for more than that. just to let you people who is reading this, I know I sound kind of dumb dumb here, but the max transaction limit and purchase limit is RM5k.

to those who have to use machines, please be patient when you're in a queue. nobody wants to have a failed transaction or anything to happen when they're using the machine that slow them down.
luckily I managed to get my fees paid before the due date. lastly, happy banking  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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