Simple day out with someone

another throwback post as I did not manage to update the post on the day itself, because am super duper tired when I got back from wandering the mall all day long. quite failed as a blogger a, but am updating it as frequent as possible already la.

so it was just a random day and I have been slacking at someone's hostel all day without any intention of going anywhere, therefore I did not bring any decent clothes with me as am planning to stay at someone's place all day. and out of sudden, I was told that someone wanted to head out as someone is quite bored with the staying in the room all day plan that we were always been doing.
searched someone's closet in order to match the pair of shorts that am having as am not going anywhere with the hideous clothes I was wearing and I can't fit into someone's pants as well because am way too skinny for that. *giggles. luckily I managed find something to match my shorts and also my everyday flats from the closet and here is the outcome.

outfit of the day : oversized PDI plain tee x TOPSHOP high waisted shorts (mine) x VINCCI flats (mine) x RALPH LAUREN bag x SWATCH watch
only 2 of the items above are mine and the rest belongs to someone and someone was impress with how I match everything up.

went to the 1 Utama and wandered from shop to shop without buying anything, window shopping. have no idea I just do not have the urge to buy anything recently, especially clothes, though I love them after trying them.
decided to go for a movie because it's daytime and there is student price for every movie before 6 pm in GSC. glanced at what movies are showing and decided to watch Lego Movie because others do not sound okay to us and someone prefer something relaxing when it comes to movie, there goes the worst movie I have ever watched in 2014.

The Lego Movie is a 2014 American computer animated stop motion adventure comedy film. based on the Lego line of construction toys, the film tells the story of an ordinary Lego mini figure prophesied to save the Lego universe from an evil tyrant.

not going to mention much about the movie, you can go on and Google about it. in brief, a bad guy in took something really powerful and changed the Lego world and a boring normal guy pops out and save the world. tried to finish the movie, but we just can't stand how boring the movie was.
if I have known the movie is a stop motion movie, I would not have watched it at the first place.what's stop motion movie? a stop motion movie is a movie made by a lot a lot of pictures taken, it's like combining all the pictures and made them into a video.

was impress by how they make the film by using stop motion, but watching the movie for more than an hour is just tiring. was quite shocked when the movie is played, thought it's just some beginning of the movie from a television screen or a dream of the character in the movie, who knows the whole movie is playing in that way.
left the cinema before the movie reaches the climax. basically, we left after we have finished our popcorns and drinks that we have bought for the movie because we do not want to hold it while wandering the mall for we do not know how long.
RATE : 0.5/5

was craving for bibimbap since quite sometime and someone accommodate just to fix my cravings. had our dinner at Dubu Dubu as we cannot find anywhere else that serves bibimbap, still, better than nothing.
someone told me the roasted barley was superb and I gave up on ordering on peach tea which I order it every freaking time when am having Korean food. the roasted barley tasted exactly like some overcooked barley, but not that bad la. someone then explained the one we had tasted differently from the one someone had previously and the one someone had previously tasted super duper nice.

my set of bibimbap with side dishes and the soup. they are giving big taugeh, kimchi and cold macaroni for side dished. seriously, only the big taugeh is edible to us. the kimchi tasted overly ginger and the macaroni is simply tasteless and cold. but I do love the soup, the soup is just nice for me. did not put much of the sauce into the rice as am not really a spicy person and it is very thoughtful of them for letting the customers to decide the desire amount of sauce.

ordered another side dish, the Korean rice cake because someone says the amount that we had ordered will not fill the stomach. have this really bad habit when it comes to food, I just simply cannot finish the portion of food that am having every fucking time. if I force myself to finish them, I'll end up throwing up all of the food that I have had in the toilet. usually left the other half portion of the food to someone and I guess that is one of the reasons why someone is gaining that much weight.
back to the rice cake, the rice cake is kind of too spicy for me, not ordering it any more. still can't find the best Korean rice cake out there as the best friend made the best Korean rice cake and it has been a while since the last time she made one. 
the service is good, the food is okay, and the price is reasonable. not my first choice, but definitely coming again.

overall, the movie is bad, the food got my craving fixed and the day is awesome.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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