the mother

it's the 5th of March, the day when the woman who gave birth to me was born. an incredible woman was born 53 years ago who also known as my mother, the most important woman in my life.

was told I look exactly like her since I was in primary school by most of the adults, saying I look exactly like the mother when she was younger. as my age grows, I start to see the reflection of the mother when am looking at my own reflection.
guess, I'll look exactly like her when am aged. the only difference will be she's having a smaller face and mine is definitely bigger than hers because the only thing I got from the father is my face shape, she had been complaining about my face is huge which is totally different from hers.

can't celebrate her birthday with her today as am still having some issues with the university and some of the module enrolment problems with the Australia side. besides, the semester had started, it's the 1st week this week though am not going to any of the classes this week as I have too many things to handle before I can go to class as usual.
will celebrate her birthday when am going home this coming weekend as the father did celebrate for his birthday to balance up the love that have to be shown. as my age grows, figured out that sometimes, parents do need to be taken care of just like the kids do.
gave her a call, though she didn't say it out, but I can feel how delighted she is when I wished her happy birthday in her least expectation as the first thing she said on the phone when she answered the call is "what?". guess she thought I have forgotten her birthday.

mommy, thanks for making who I am today. happy birthday and may you be healthy always.
mommy, I LOVE YOU, thanks for loving me unconditionally.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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