Tokio Kafe

today I don't feel like doing anything. today we don't feel like doing anything.
slept at 5 morning and got up at 3 in the noon. don't feel like going out, not even out for food.
had Domino's for lunch and can't call any restaurant that provide delivery at night. tried McD and Kenny Roger Roaster, but was told they don't deliver in Cyberjaya. tried a few places that opens on Sunday (most of the places don't open on Sundays in Cyberjaya), but they don't provide delivery service to LimkokWing University.
therefore, we were forced to get our butt off the bed and head out for dinner. someone was craving for salad, so, we went to Tokio Kafe for the dinner.

left: my signature tomato cheese baked rice. always order this when am there. it's just yummy.
right : someone's ceaser salad. not bad. almost the same price with my rice. salad, why you so expensive?

Cyberjaya can be described as a dead city when it comes to weekend as most of the people leave and back to their home and the workers usually don't work on weekends. therefore, most of the eating places refuse to open on weekends (especially Chinese food) as not much business can be earned on weekends.
Tokio Kafe usually comes into my consideration when I have don't have a clue what to eat for the meal as the restaurant provides local food, western food and Japanese food as well. love the environment and the food is in reasonable price.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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