you who came from the stars

You Who Came From the Stars is a South Korean television series about an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago who falls in love with the same girl who is a top actress 400 years later. the story revolves around the relationship of Do Min Joon (the alien) and Cheon Song Yi (the top actress) who also ressembles a girl who Do Min Joon met when he first came to the Earth 400 years ago. Do Min Joon is not a communicative person as he believes he will be leaving someday soon and it is unnecessary for him build any relationship with the people on earth, but still dragged into situations with Cheon Song Yi while feeling mystical connection between her and the girl he met 400 years ago. with the series go on, he starts protecting her from a man who tries to kill her with the remaining days he had on earth which is 3 months left.

just a typical Korean love stories, just that it's no longer the rich and poor relationship but a human and alien relationship. was a big fan of Korean series years ago when the best friend is stuffing me the series one after another but stopped watching Korean series for quite a while till the series The Heirs pops out because I just love Lee Min Ho. the Pei-Jia is the one who borrowed me her DVD and I finished the unfinished part of the series via online. most of the people were discussing about this series and there is even meme for this series and people were saying how awesome the series was and therefore I gave it a try.

someone downloaded the whole thing for me so that I can watch it when am no longer at home because the P1 in hostel sucks. was feeling meh at first because usually I look for super duper hot actors and actresses in Korean series and they are quite meh for me. but as the series develops, I like the characteristics of Cheon Song Yi and the way she acts made me burst out with laughter. was warned the last few episodes will make me cry like am the one who is dealing with that. surprisingly, I cried at the middle part of the whole series instead of the end of the few episodes. by comparing this series with The Heirs, You Who Came From the Stars gave me more than my expectations and I love the series. it's not only a love story, but also a comedy to me. a worth watching Korean series for sure. definitely worth the tears and laughters.
RATE : 4.2/5

thanks for reading. XOXO

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