just a short update when am facing the laptop for a long period of time. assignments. and the shit loads of assignments need to be done starting from this week. no more slacking and less outings.

so it's just a normal random day and I have decided to call the so called best friend up and meet up at the centre point of where both of us are staying since she got her new car for quite some time already. didn't really meet up when both of us in KL as both of us stay really far apart. the times we spend our days together in KL is countable, one is when she is transferring from KDU to ATC and the other one is way before am studying in Cyberjaya and go to David Choi music thing with her.

always wanted to do this but usually we were busy with uni life and assignments, some more we leave at both very end of the sides of KL which takes time to meet up. usually meet up when both of us are back in home town. decided to go to Mid Valley on that random day when both of us have no class and free to go out and spend our day together. decided to do some singing activity at Red Box in The Gardens, just love to sing with her because both of us have no shame in front of each other.

got a student price on that day which is quite cheap for us to sing till we have totally lost our voices. it's about RM24++ per person including 2 drinks and buffet lunch. have no idea how many hours we can spend there but we spend till we have no more energy to sing and quite bored with it. the buffet lunch starts from 3 till 5 and we stayed there from 3 till almost 7. stayed at there fore almost 4 hours with only 2 of us singing, imagine how much we had sang. the service is quite good as the staffs try their very best to give us what we demand. instead of sing, should be saying am just fooling around as I totally failed in singing no matter how much effort I have put in. even managed to drag her down to my level when we are having duet, imagine how bad I can sing. proud of myself. (laugh out loud)

just girls being girls. took tonnes of shameless selfies as we have the room all by myself. then she randomly posed this when I turn on the light and pointed my phone at her when she's singing half way. is she good in posing or simply am good in taking pictures? doesn't she look good in the picture? picture shows that she has a super duper long legs, yeah, PICTURE. tried to pose the same thing and captured by her, but what I wore that day just doesn't suit the pose, I look like a potato with a shirt. did tell her to take a picture of my OOTD, but they just don't look good in picture.

wandered a bit with the so called best friend in the mall and then meet up with the yi wei when she came to the Mid Valley as her hostel is not far away. we walked her to the ktm station as she needs to go back for dinner and I had my dinner with the Yi Wei at the Goku Roku Ramen. bought myself a few bags of food before I leave back to the hostel. quite a satisfying day I had.  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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