saw the counter at the side shows that my blog view had reached 1000 since 26th of February 2014 when I logged into the blog to update my blog. didn't know am gaining that much views in about a month plus. shocked and happy. I know sometimes my posts are quite pointless but it is kind of like a milestone of my life, I want to write everything I can remember down in this blog as the blog is named as what it is supposed to be, my little diary. if you do notice, I wrote quite a lot about how I think of a movie in the blog, simply because I want to share the movies that I have watched with those who read my blog, and also, am taking the film and television course that need to write movie review of the movies with different genre most of the time.

am really thankful to those who stopped by and read my blog, even those who simply just want to stalk me and talk shit about me, you wouldn't talk about me if you didn't care about me. it's like you people can feel me through the words in between the lines.

been changing from blog to blog since I started blog when I was 15, hoping this will be the last time of me changing blog as the readers drop whenever I change the blog site. it took me quite some time to gain an amount of readers and am thankful for those who stop by to read my blog.
started off my blog in wretch named dakzi and changed to another account called dakzi02 which I don't even know why am I changing the account. probably quite tired of the style of mine by that time and didn't want to modify it as it takes more time.
why dakzi? just a random name given by a friend of mine in Afzan and I have no idea what should I call myself by that time and there goes the name. stopped using it since am 18, I guess. found that it's used by quite an amount of people, the youngest brother, my ex, and some people that I don't even know.

then blogspot came and most of the people who start off their blogs in wretch moved to blogspot including the famous ones such as Jane Chuck and Daphne. been a loyal reader since I was little and they're younger than me by that time.
quite a dilemma when I have not decided to move or stay in wretch as the max reader per day can go up to 900 max but most of the readers are not Malaysians but Taiwanese instead because wretch is a Taiwan blog site.
still, changed to blogspot with the title MY WORD MY LIFE. but didn't maintain it well and everything is not organized and left it dead quite often.
then, changed it to STAY WITH MUA after leaving MY WORD MY LIFE dead for months. been maintaining it by staying the posts updated as frequent as possible and even attend some of the nuffnang events.

the end still remain the same as I have left it dead for more than a year. quite thankful to those who had stopped by when I have stopped updating for a year, as the statistic provided by the site saying I have at least 50 visitors per day though I didn't keep it updated for that long.
was thinking should I continue with that blog till someone pops up in my head whenever I thought of that question, so I just give up on STAY WITH MUA. quite a pity la as the visitor of STAY WITH MUA can go up to 400 max per day if I keep it updated as frequent as possible, but never mind, YOU worth it.
hoping this will be the last blog of mine, and am promising am keeping the blog as alive as possible. =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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