just another simple outing as I have stayed in the room for days without getting out from the hostel, not even out for food because I have someone to buy me food and bring them to my room. just a last minute unplanned plan I plan when someone is out to buy me food because someone's favorite superhero is showing in the cinemas.

#1 OOTD of the day

top : adidas
shorts: brands outlet
footwear : converse
bag: Charles and Keith

people have been asking me what is the black thing on my forehead. did not realize there is a black bump on the forehead while posting it till I have the photo is posted successfully. that is not pimple or there is nothing popping out from my face, at least not as black as that and as big as that. that is just my hair blown by the strong wind on that day.

was way too lazy to get myself dress up and go to any mall, so decided to catch a movie at Setia Walk. booked the ticket online and get everything paid before someone is back from buying me food, also as a surprise for someone. who knew was told someone was quite lazy to go out and wasn't happy and surprise at all. sad die. but at the end we still went la, cause the ticket is ain't cheap. TGV is always much more expensive than GSC, I bought couple seat some more.

#2 call me pole girl

wandered around in the Setia Walk after redeeming our movie tickets. never get the chance to walk around Setia Walk as we usually leave after watching the movie, is either it's time for movie or everything is closed by the time we finish the movie. took a life down from the cinema and saw all these awesome backdrops. took tonnes of pictures and wander a bit before the movie.

#3 playing with the classic telephone booth

#4 focus on the long legs of mine and ignore the huge thighs

#4 the classic mail box

#5 just me posing in front of the pile with old posters

the posters didn't attract me at all. didn't have any thought of taking any picture with the pile but someone just loves it very much, called me to take picture with the pile, lots of pictures. have no idea what is that special with it.

#6 the "DANG" signboard

if you have watched lots of Chinese movies, you will know what is this. it is a place where you can pawn any of your valuable item for the amount of money offered, you can get it back within the duration given by paying back the exact amount. but once you're late, the item considered sold and it can't be redeemed. the old one says, unless you're in terribly in need of money, or when you're in real trouble, else, the pawn shop will be the last place to go.

#7 last picture of mine with the backdrop before ciao for the movie

#8 Captain America, The Winter Soldier

Captain America, The Winter Soldier is a 2014 American superhero film features the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Studios Motion Pictures. after the incident in New York with The Avengers in another movie where every superheroes are showing up in a movie, the Captain America lives his life quietly in Washington, trying to adapt with the modern world. but when one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. important people gotten an attack by an anonymous force, Captain America becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threaten to put the world risk. by joining Black Widow, Captain America expose some hidden conspiracy while getting attacked by unknown party. when they have figured out who is behind the conspiracy and the mystery is almost solved, they found themselves up against an unexpected enemy, an old friend, the Winter Soldier.

all I remember about the movie now is the guy named Falcon with a built in wings at the back flying high and low to help Captain America. was lying and moving around the rest of the time as there is a few scenes I find it quite boring. maybe they talk a bit too much or what la, but I just can't sit still. luckily no one is sitting behind us as am going to block their view, and the seat is COMFORTABLE and HUGE for both of us. I can literally lie on the seats and watch the movie. if it wasn't someone's favorite superhero, someone would have complained how boring the movie is when the movie is being played half way. 

the movie wasn't that bad, but by comparing to The Avengers, of course it's not as good as The Avengers. but the movie is still good, especially the effects, the editing and the shooting techniques. who am I saying, of course they have the best crew to produce the film.

RATE : 3.8/5
plainly because there is too much serious conversation that bores me.

was craving for Korean food, decided to go to Daorae for dinner as we were in Puchong for the movie already and someone had not been there before. Daorae is the only Korean restaurant that I have found that has pork on their menus in Kuala Lumpur.

#9 kimchi soup with pork inside

#11 some kind of seasoned pork

#12 the side dishes

#9 table for 2

told you am a pork lover, can't eat without pork. thought what we ordered is just nice, who knew the portion is way too big for 2 of us, barely finish everything on the table. just love to share while eating, it makes me have a better appetite.

#10 me with the watermelon

fruit and some kind of sweet taste drink are given when we asked for the bill. the service is good, the price is affordable, the food is good, nothing I can complain about it.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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