9th month

it's another 12th of the month, but we did not celebrate on that day but a day earlier instead. someone left KL and back to Kuantan for the break on the 12th

#1 outfit of the day
coat : Forever 21
singlet and shorts : Brands Outlet
snickers : Converse
bag : Zara

can't really feel that we are celebrating it as we just spend the day like some other usual day, the only special thing about that day is we had a fine dinner for the meal. didn't even have any movie that day as we were too late for movies and we refused to watch those late night movies due to our personal safety.
spent the rest of the day at Mid Valley after someone finished the exam and packed everything to bring back home at around 5 evening. since everywhere is jam like nobody's business at that hour, decided to go to the nearest mall instead of getting ourself stucked in the traffic.

#2 while waiting for the food. surprisingly, the food is served before the drinks. guess the waiter forgot our drinks because he only serves the drinks after I remind him. never mind, they still keep my bottomless drink bottomless.

got ourself dined in at the Chili's at non-dinner time as we got hungry at that hour. purely because I skipped breakfast as I got up late and someone is rushing for exam and lunch as I refuse to have my meal all by myself.
saw a few of empty tables before we got ourself inside the restaurant but we were told we have to wait for 10 minutes. wandered around for a bit and waited at the waiting area for the waiters to serve us.
wonder why are they doing this when there is a few tables that are empty when the waiter lead us to our table. undeniable, the restaurant is filled with people when we are having our meal and the queue is fucking long when we got out from the restaurant.

#3 appetizer. south western egg roll. not to say it tastes bad, it's more towards an Indian dish kind of taste. definitely not ordering this if am paying for the next visit.

#4 main course. cajun club. I love the sandwich. definitely in a very reasonable price.

ordered only an appetizer and a main course as I know both of us cannot finish it if both of us are ordering main course. who knows we can't even finish the main course after finished the appetizer.

environment : quite happening
food : only tried 2, loved 1 of them
price : the price for the sandwich is definitely worth the price, but others are quite pricey
service : good

lastly, happy 9th monthsary baby. your treat next month  =P

thanks for reading. XOXO

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