I believe most of the students out there know what a BB1M is, right? if you don't, BB1M is 1 Malaysia Book Voucher worth RM250 distributed by the government for pre-university and tertiary students. 

 for all the students out there, I believe that you guy had collected your BB1M book voucher from your school, your college or even your university. right? how do you spend yours?
been receiving this since the first year I got into university, if am not mistaken. spent it on board game the first year and some books from popular, then on GPS by adding some money the second year. this year around, I spent it all on books, a lot of them!! 

#1 the big bad wolf

it's my very first time going to the big bad wolf book fair though it's quite popular lately. heard that books are super duper cheap in the fair, and I spent only RM100 there with books that I can't even finish reading years (if am not reading at least a book in a month).
bought the box only for RM100 and I can put as much book as possible as long as the box can be taped and closed properly with the books inside. didn't really survey much before buying the box, end up forcing myself to look for books that am not that really interested with.

#2 books I got from the popular booth in the book fair

did I mention the big bad wolf doesn't sell any Chinese books? yeap, only English and Malay books are selling and undeniable, the books are freaking cheap. most of the books I chose are in hard cover, because I really have no idea what else can I buy to fit the box already.
wandered a lot at the book fair looked for the perfect books and found them all in the popular booth. no wonder it's called the popular book store, the books sold are popular as well. bought them in a much cheaper price as compared to the ones selling in the book store, happy buy.

#3 the amount of books I got myself from the book fair

isn't it a bit too much for only RM250? guess I'll never buy that much books in my life with that little money.
if I get to choose again, I'll spend it outside of the big bad wolf with the Chinese book fair instead as am much more interested with reading Chinese books. but sometimes, I just have to force myself to read some English books in order to balance up my language.

have you read today?  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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