music video production

got a call from the university on Sunday and asked am I free today for a music video shoot. been getting the call from the same person and invited by the same person twice in this semester already to do the music video shoot. 

did not know the one who had been calling me again and again is the in charge till I get there and meet her personally today. she is fucking friendly in the call till I thought it's just some youngster at my age, turned out she's just a super duper friendly in charge from the sound and music department.
went to the headlines, which is the place where we get our make up and hair done for every function in LUCT at 11 morning to get my make up and hair done. I have no idea with why choir is required to have this curly hair for everything every time.

#1 me with the hair and make up done. the hair is like those British ladies back then, having those strong curls hanging from the head.

as the music video is for the government Chinese association, so most of the talents must be Chinese and Malaysians. people been asking am I Kazakhstan, and when I tell them I am, they believed me. some say my features do not look like a Malaysian Chinese at all, not China Chinese as well. taking that as a compliment because the Kazak girls I have seen in uni are all hot and pretty. 

#2 jade. she is the one who said the hair is like a wig worn by lawyer for courts.

I went to the video shoot thing all by myself without knowing anyone at first till I saw some of the familiar faces showing up in the headlines. was sitting quietly playing my phone at a corner before the make up artist is free to do all the make up thing on me. till I met this girl, she starts a conversation with me and we click in no time. maybe the way she expresses herself is quite straight forward, or plainly because am friendly? *lol

#3 sorry, I forgot your name. took picture with her because she looks exactly like another friend of mine.

#4 Joyce. guess she is the only Taiwanese, and also the only non-Malaysian there. knew her through a few fashion shows I walked for the university.

#5 jade and jesny. jesny is a mix of "asli" and Chinese which I thought she is a Malay at the first place. super friendly and cute she is.

#6 rosaline. love the feel this girl gave me. casual and friendly at the same place. talks like a banana, but she told me she is not a banana as she had taken Mandarin in her SPM, just that Mandarin is not her mother tongue.

the shoot start at 2 o'clock after everyone's make up is done and it lasted at least 5 hours. there is almost 30 of us with boys and girls, where the boys stand on the bench behind the girls with 4 leads by 2 boys and 2 girls in front.
was chosen as one of the leads at the beginning by the director, but I have air bushed tattoo on the wrist and arm which will kind of destroy the image of the association, therefore, I was brought back to the middle with the choir group. they tried to remove my air brushed tattoo by using different kind of removers and rub it hard, but the tattoo just won't go off. probably because the tattoo is too new to be removed as it is only a day old.

did not know we are getting paid for the shoot till I was told to collect the allowance from the sound and music office tomorrow. thank you very much for the experience and of course, the allowance.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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