Neo Gal Party by Herbal Essences (part 1)

it all starts with a post I saw from churp churp. churp churp had this thing, where we can upload our Japanese inspired OOTD based on what we know about Neo Gal. Neo Gal is the latest Japanese trend where the Japanese add on some international street elements into the original Harajuku fashion.

did I mention we get paid by uploading every picture by putting the hash tag needed with maximum 4 pictures. after viewing a blog post by Jane Chuck, it says that she herself will pick 4 winner whoever that mention her in the insta post with the proper hash tags. 
so it was just a usual day I spend in the hostel and have nothing better to do, therefore, I dress myself up with no make up at all and took a picture of Japanese inspired OOTD and upload it in insta with the proper hash tags so that churp churp is able to detect my picture, and also mentioning Jane Chuck in the post. totally doing it for the sake of getting paid from churp churp, never have any slight thought that my outfit is going to be picked by Jane Chuck.

#1 an insta post from Jane Chuck

so there was a day I was scrolling the insta feed and I saw this post posted by Jane Chuck in insta, I was quite shocked when I saw my name in that post. totally forgotten about the event as I posted my OOTD post few weeks earlier before she announces the winner.

#2 Japan inspired OOTD

cap : Jefferson
cropped top : H&M
skater skirt : PDI
sports wedges : forever 21

it's my very first time joining this kind of competition and totally out of my expectation that my name will be mentioned as I have seen those that have uploaded their Japanese inspired OOTD and theirs are quite cool and Japanese. thought it might be someone else mentioned by Jane Chuck, so I clicked at the name and it leads to my insta profile. thrill and excited at the same time.

#3 OOTD 

cropped top : H&M
skater skirt : PDI
boots : zara

been thinking what to wear the day before as I know everyone will be dressed up for the event. planned on putting make up on, but am just way too lazy, and I regret for not putting on any make up.

#4 while waiting for the event to start

was told the event starts at 3 something, and I left the hostel around 1 something as it's quite far from Cyberjaya to 1U. luckily I left early as the parking is very limited, have no idea why there is that much people in 1U that day. was worry that am unable to spot for any parking till I found one at the rooftop on the other side of the parking lot.

#5 the decoration of the event

the event is held at the Signature, The Roof. the place was quite empty when I arrive, probably am early la. but when I step my foot further inside, I saw Cheeserland and some other celebrity bloggers are sitting and talking to each other, and I stood there looking at them, can't believe finally I get to see these celebrity blogger from this near.

#6 posing with the balloons

after all of the celebrity bloggers have arrived, the emcee warmed the event up. looking at how the emcee warms the event up makes me think that it's really a tough job to be an emcee. then we are free to walk around where booths are set up for us to beautify ourselves.

#7 the air brush tattoo booth

#8 me with the air brushed tattoo

actually I got 2 on the hand. one is on the wrist and the other one is under the wrist. the best part is we can get the tattoo for free, which explains why I have 2 on myself. I was amazed by how long lasting the tattoo can last on my skin as it won't fall off even I rub it real hard.

#9 Cheeserland at her booth *spot her

#10 the cupcake booth, which is the Cheeserland's booth

this is the booth where we can decorate our own cupcake, and of course we can eat them up as well. but look at the cupcakes, they are all cute and colorful, who would eat them up? mostly for pictures la.

#11 some props are provided for us to take pictures

#12 the booth where we can color our hair with hair chalks like having highlights

probably the light is quite dim which can't be seen, tried on blue on the hair but the color doesn't show. tried on the pink ones and it shows quite obvious. of course, it's hair chalks, so the color can be washed away on the day.

#13 spot the highlighted part I highlight using hair chalk

the hair chalk fall quite a bit after a while on the shirt as I have spotted the white part of my shirt is stained with reddish stain, and my face as well, when the hair brush over my face. 

#14 the manicure booth

tried to queue for this booth but the queue is crazy, therefore I gave up on queuing and go for some other booth. it's no ordinary nail polish, but gel nail polish. although I don't really know what's the difference, but I heard it's quite good though.

stay tune for the 2nd part. XOXO

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