Neo Gal Party by Herbal Essences (part 2)

this is the continuous part from the previous post. you can read the post here

#1 headband section

so as I have mentioned in the previous booth, there is plenty of booths we get to beautify ourselves. Cheeserland is in charge with the cupcake station while Jane Chuck is in charge with this station.

#2 the setting for purple lavender photo booth

#3 posing for the photo

#4 the outcome.

yes. we get to get the picture back with a decorate your own photo section next to the photo booth where stickers and colorful marker pens are provided. didn't bother to decorate my photo at all as am quite sucks when it comes to decorating things and the photo itself is pretty enough with the stunning background.

#5 the setting of sweet rose photo booth. sweet isn't it?

#6 posing with the yellow duck

didn't manage to take a picture with the photo booth thingy as the guy is quite busy with some other stuff when it's my turn and am quite lazy to wait for another turn. this will do for me as well.

of course, there is plenty of celebrity bloggers attend this event and we get to take pictures with them. tonnes of pictures. quite shy to ask for picture at first, but still 硬着头皮 ask these celebrity bloggers that I know to take some pictures with me. they are really nice, they let me retake again and again till am satisfied.

#7 the Jane Chuck

she is quite busy on that day as she is the DJ of the event as well. at first wanted to take a full body picture, then she suggests we just take selfie. she is really tall lo, she had to bent down a little so that she can fit into the photo frame with me.

#8 the Cheeserland

she is super duper nice. she talks to everyone that approach to her. tried to start a conversation with her but I totally suck at it, guess am really bad with social. totally forgotten that she is pregnant at that moment because she still look very skinny.

#9 the Audrey

the mother celebrity blogger of the event. she brought her baby with her which somehow gotten almost everyone's attention. our heights are almost the same, but she looks much more petite than I am though she is a mother.

#10 the nana

she is super duper skinny with that small face. the size of my face is almost twice the size of hers. very nice of her to say my face ain't that big when am complaining about the size of my face after we take the pictures.

did I mention we get to eat and drink non-stop throughout the event? yes, and I was stuffed with food before I leave the event. the food is really nice, am definitely coming for the next visit on any special occasion to have a fine meal there.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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