10th month

I know I have been missing in action for weeks, my blog is literally dead now. been super duper busy when I got home, renovation is ongoing at the day time, and I need to clean up the house at the night time. then lots of things ongoing when am back to uni life, including slacking all day long.

have tonnes of pending posts, but decided to post this first. it's another 12th of the month, but we didn't celebrate it on that day, but 2 days earlier. so this post is still a few days late.

unlike the fancy celebrations we had, we are doing something totally different this time. everything is under budget, everything is paid by someone.

#1 have no idea I look freaking chubby on that day. cannot tahan.

singlet dress: H&M
cardigan: uniqlo
sneakers: converse
bag: zara

#2 while waiting for the food

planned to start the day as early as possible, but somehow it's just quite a mission impossible for me to wake up in the morning. usually get up in the noon or late morning. straight away head to the mall after getting ourselves prepared with empty stomach. therefore, first thing first when we get to the mall, hunt for food!

#3 had our first meal at porridge time

someone was craving for porridge, so we had porridge for our first meal of the day. ordered only a pot as I know the portion is quite big and am 200% confirmed I cannot finish the whole pot all by myself, and someone needs to cut down on eating.

#4 yours truly while distributing the porridge

#5 with chatime

didn't order any drinks when we had the porridge earlier because there is tonnes of choices pf drinks in the mall and I prefer some other drinks that are provided. had 梅子冰茶 from chatime and we chilled at the side of the aisle where chairs are provided. tried to take pictures, but most of the pictures are photo bombed by the guy behind me.

#6 porridge from I Love Yoo

after wandering a while and did some window shopping, but someone did manage to buy something, someone is hungry again. someone was craving for the porridge from I Love Yoo, so we had our second round at I Love Yoo for the late lunch.

#7 Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours is a comedy about a young couple with a newborn baby facing unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house. the story starts when the young couple broke their promise for not calling the cop and the neighbor starts to prank on them.

bought the ticket a day before the day we planned to go out through Groupon. a pair of TGV tickets, a large popcorn and 2 soft drinks for only RM32, usually the ticket itself for weekend is already RM36, this time around we got it by paying lesser and get more.

back to the movie, knew that it's an adult movie where there are scenes are 18SX, but didn't know the cinema is going to cut that much. definitely is going to download the uncensored version of it and watch it again. this movie is no doubt a comedy, been laughing really hard in the cinema. giving a big LIKE for this movie. I don't fucking care if anyone is saying am  shallow minded or whatsoever, but this movie is definitely worth to watch. those who haven't watch, this is a movie that will brightens your day, but I strongly recommend to watch the uncensored version of it.

moral of the story :
do a little research on who your neighbor is before moving in.

#8 dinner with pork minced rice, apple, and beer

it's almost 10 when the movie finished. we rushed to Cold Storage to buy some groceries so that we can cook a little in the hostel sometimes. luckily we were quick enough, we hurried from the lowest floor to the top floor of the mall to get some 卤肉饭. am madly in love with the pork minced rice from Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid, cheap and yummy, and it is a freaking pork.

that's for my day. guess someone had spent less than RM100 including the movie ticket that day. a fulfill yet happy day I had. someone, thank you very much, and happy 10th monthsary. I LOVE YOU.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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