another late post which I found from the drafts of the blog. sorry for being super inefficient. sometimes I have to wait for the right mood, and some other time I need to wait for the pictures from whoever that have my picture.

it was just another outings when am back to hometown. surprisingly I didn't take any OOTD pictures, maybe I was in a hurry because I procrastinate a bit before I get ready. luckily the mall isn't far away like the ones in KL where everywhere is just far away, managed to get to the mall on time and Yi Wei managed to get her stomach filled with Shi Lin before the movie.

#1 delete my love

delete my love is a hong kong romantic comedy film. the movie is about a miserable life of Wing who is under appreciated at work with his colleagues stealing his ideas and the ignorance of his existence from his colleagues which brings his career to a dead end. one day, Wing receives a weird text message stating "ever thought of deleting those you dislike? forward this message to a friend. hope your wish comes true." which had changed his life since then.

wasn't concentrating at the beginning of the movie as there an idiot couple sat on our seats which made us have to sit on others' seats. the idiot couple told us the counter sold them the wrong tickets and they will leave if there is anyone sitting on the seats we were sitting. was quite nervous whenever there is anyone passing by the side of the chair and kind of out of focus from the movie. 

after some time, there is 2 girls came to our side looking at their tickets and looked back at us made me look like a stupid who don't even know where to sit. and of course, we told the couple and shoo them away. but the two girls quite annoying also, talked non-stop throughout the movie like their house. although they didn't talk out loud, but still, they aren't whispering as well. HELLO! am not invisible, am sitting just next to you and that's not really far away. never mind, they even scrolled their phones non-stop, scrolling on Facebook and Insta. I didn't mean to see what they are scrolling with, but the brightness of the screen do annoy me, A LOT! please la, if you don't feel like watching the movie, can you please leave?

because of these people, didn't concentrate much on the movie itself, but kind of know what the movie about la. thought I can finally focus on the movie when the idiot couple left, who knows there is this kind of teenagers messing around in the cinema. please, if you ain't watching the movie, get the fucking out from the cinema and stay at your fucking home and fucking scroll on your fucking phone.

moral of the movie:
nobody is perfect. you never know what you had given up for the better person you thought you want.

#2 saffron, prawnrice, and yi wei

was craving for waffles. tried the healthy waffle from the food court and didn't finish it. took a bite and passed it to yi wei because I don't like it and I don't find it nice at all. yi wei had a bag of kaya ball and kaya ball tastes way better than my waffle. saffron and prawnrice were just there because I was hungry.

#3 at teatime

didn't order any drinks from the food court because I want something from teatime, so we moved our asses to teatime and continue taking pictures nonstop. left after a while as I need to get home to have dinner with the family. nice meeting new people, easygoing people.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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