Coffee Stain

coffee nowadays no longer plainly about drinking coffee, coffee art is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays. I guess besides Starbucks, any coffee shops that are targeted on the youngsters or the young adults mostly have coffee art on the coffee when the coffee is served. it is as if places that are selling coffee but without coffee art in it seems more like a kopiatiam nowadays.

talking about coffee art, this place named coffee stain by Joseph is super famous with the coffee art before coffee art had become the mainstream nowadays. to justify this, I have been keeping this post in the draft for a long long time. kind of forgotten about it till I check the draft post of my blog.

tried the one in Fahrenheit 88. heard it's the branch, but 3D coffee art in unavailable at that branch. so after trying out twice at the coffee stain from Fahrenheit 88, decided to go all the way to publika for the 3D coffee art as the publika ones is the main branch. did I mention coffee stain is famous with it's 3D coffee art? yeap. never thought coffee art can goes up to this level. tell me what else is impossible nowadays.

#1 the must pose pose every time when I need to pour the water from the bottle to the glass.

like plain B and 3 little pigs, a bottle H2O is provided. but who cares about the H2O when all the reason of coming is because of the coffee? I guess it's because you still need some water to neutralize your taste bud after consuming coffee. sounds like a pro talking, yeah, sounds like only.

#2 my all time favorite. spaghetti carbonara. portion is quite big, can't finish it.

#3 someone ordered fish and chip.

#4 my cup of coffee with 3D art on it

forgot what I have ordered for the coffee, but look at the teddy, isn't it cute max? the teddy looks like as if it's telling me not to drink it with it's droopy eyes. not to forget, you can add 3D coffee art on any coffee that you have ordered by adding RM5 (if am not mistaken).

#5 posing with my coffee with 3D art on it

not really a coffee lover, but am not against it as well. for me, the coffee is just nice for me, but the coffee art is amazing. as for the food, the selling point of the restaurant isn't about food, but the coffee. but if you're hungry, the food is okay as well. bear in mind, the portion is quite big. if you are not a big appetite kind of person, kindly remind you to share your food.

#6 with the nutcracker

I look quite cin cai with the outfit because I didn't plan to go to the publika on that day. instead, was thinking to go back to Cyberjaya all the way from hometown till the emptiness of my stomach starts to crave for food. by the way, the shirt is my pajamas as I want to be as comfortable as possible for the car ride that might go up to 4 hours. but can't resist the cuteness of the nutcracker, so, I don't fucking care, my blog, I post whatever shit I want.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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