Kem isirimba kemensah

another late post. this happened at  least a month ago when one of my assignments requires us to write a corporate documentary script for a company. the lecturer found a company for us, which is kem isirimba kemensah, and we have to go to the place to have a clearer vision on how the place look like and interview the founder of the company.

#1 the environment of the resort

yes. our company is a resort. I don't wanna say much on it, but the picture above fully explains the whole resort. basically, most parts of the resort look like that. am not really a nature person, it's okay to go to beautiful scenery, but forest? not really. the resort is made up of a reserved forest where trees and plants must not be removed off the ground.

#2 with Vanessa

#3 with my favorite girl ah moi, Amalina

#4 with the best group member I have ever had, Jessica

#5 someone helped us take a photo, but I don't remember who

it is more like a school trip. but the difference is, school trips are for kids who go to school with at least 8 hours straight, and we are university students meeting a client kind of case. although no dress code is required, but the lecturer did warn us to wear shoes and long pants because the place might be full of mud. and the place turned out to be out of my imagination. we were welcomed with horse's feces as the horses can walk freely in the resort wherever they want.

#6 candid from Vanessa

the best scene of the resort. there is birds and butterflies flying all over the place like what is shown in the movie. love how the butterflies spread off when I walked nearby them. Amalina whined a bit as she hates any kind of insects, and also there is zillions of mosquitoes. I have killed at least 10 mosquitoes in less than 2 hours. the rest of the time, I was shaking my body so that the mosquitoes will not stop by on my body.

#7 group photo with half of the people gone somewhere else

this is the most beautiful scene of all the resort where the path is fully surrounded with flowers, and mostly leaves from the sides of the path till to the top of us. if you really love nature and ain't afraid of at least 20 mosquitoes following you if you're wearing black (luckily am not wearing anything black), then feel free to explore this resort, it's at the back of the Zoo Negara. but if you're not, then forget about it. 

thanks for reading. XOXO

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