Mr peabody and sherman


top: Sungei Wang
pants : Levis
sling bag : Vincci
flats : Topshop

just an ordinary day when I don't feel like going anywhere but boredom strikes for staying way too long in the room for not going out, so decided to go for a movie but refuse to go for a mall. therefore, Setia Walk comes into the mind. had some food before the movie, but totally forgot what we had because this happened quite some time ago. this is what procrastination did to me.

#2 Mr Peabody and Sherman

Mr Peabody and Sherman is a 2014 American 3 dimension computer animated comic science fiction film. the story starts with an intelligent dog, Mr Peabody, the most accomplished dog that thinks like a human being adopting a human baby, Sherman which is found in an alley. in order for his child to have a better understanding on the histories, Mr Peabody build a time capsule which they can travel back in time in order to experience the history themselves. but when Sherman takes the time capsule out for a joyride in order to impress by his friend, they accidentally rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. before they alter the history, which will affect the present and the future, Mr Peabody come to their rescue and face the most daunting challenge, which is figuring on how to be a parent.

I love this kind of movies, where animations are made. somehow it widens my perspective on how I animate my assignments and these kind of movies are quite stress less, don't have to think much on the plot. how nice if I have a time capsule at home as well, then I don't have to memorize all the events for the history class back in my secondary school life. but never mind, I still manage to survive those years by flipping the pages last minute. if I manage to get on a ride on time capsule when I can undo what I have done, I would not do anything at all. because I am who I am today, and what I have experienced taught me to be a better person I think I am. without those failures and experiences, I would not be who I am today. although those days back in time are heartbreaking and humiliating, but those lessons taught me how to survive in the society nowadays.

moral of the story:
every experience we are having now are teaching us a lesson, cherish them.

RATE : 4/5

thanks for reading. XOXO

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