another throwback post, just another simple outing with the Yi Wei when am back in hometown. just a simple movie date, watched Rio 2 on that day.


cropped top : sungei wang
jumpsuit : http://shoplaea.com/
sling bag : sungei wang
shoes : forever 21

#2 Yi Wei tried to fit in the kids play

wandered a bit in the mall before the movie, but the mall back in my hometown ain't that big for us to wander that long. therefore, spent some time at the Parkson and of course, the kids section.

#3 Rio 2

needless to say, Rio 2 is the continuous episode of the first episode of Rio. the movie started off with Blur and Jewel enjoy their life in Rio with their 3 kids. at the same time, Blue's owner Linda and her husband eventually discovered the Blu's species which is believed extinct. when Jewel found out about her species that is still existing out there, she believes they should go to the Amazon and look for their species and explore the world out there. they then fly off from Rio to the jungle with a GPS and start off their journey in the jungle.

cartoon has been my all time favorite all the time, in addition, Yi Wei loves all these animated movies. although I don't really remember the details of the movie, but still remember the important parts of the movie. can't really compare both first and second episode of Rio, both of the episodes are equally okay to me. do remember there is some funny scenes but forgot what the scenes are about. no doubt, the jungle and most of the scenes in the movie are incredibly pretty and am amazed with the animations done.

moral of the movie:
kind of forgot what the moral of the movie as I have watched this long time ago. but do remember how Blu tried to adapt the life in jungle that he thought he never fits in, and manage to fit in perfectly with his family. the future might be hard at the moment with all the unknowns, but never be afraid of the future as the present lies in our hands.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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