Belated mother's day celebration

father's day is approaching and am still here typing on the belated mother's day celebration at the grandmother's place a week after the exact day of mother's day. though we are not having any mother's day celebration this year and I was not back in hometown due to some reason on that day, who knew the mother called on the other day after the mother's day telling me the celebration had postpone to a week later.


singlet and shorts : brands outlet
denim outwear : h&m
flats : topshop
bag : puma

went out a bit with someone as the celebration only starts in the evening but don't remember where I went for the day (late post issue). took some pictures after filling our stomachs full.

#2 kai yi, yours truly and wenn yee

#3 the youngest brother, the aunt, and the cousin

#4 us with the grandmother

#5 had a serious talk with the cousin on how to clean the face better

we used to spend our time at the grandmother's place with all the cousins when the parents are chit chatting with wine in their hands. but as we grow up, the amount of us that spend our time at the grandmother's place chit chatting on special occasion is getting lesser and lesser years after years.

#6 ending the post with a picture with the grandmother.

a quality time well spent with the family. it's hard to gather around as everyone of us are busy with our lives. we only get to gather all together to celebrate with the grandmother, she is the one that keeps all of us connected once in a blue moon.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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