Brick mansions

just another random movie post which happened quite some time ago, another simple movie date with someone when am back in hometown. watched Brick Mansions, some movie that I thought I will never watch.


cropped top : bershka
pants : esprit
shoes : forever 21
watch : titus

#2 brick mansions

in a dystopian Detroit, part of the city with some abandoned brick mansions are left over from better times in the part of the city which house some of the poor people and also some dangerous criminals. as the days pass by and the government thinks that it's getting tougher to control the crime, the police constructed a huge containment wall around area to protect the rest of the city. Damien Collier is an undercover cop whose his every day is a battle against corruption while Lino fight to live an honest life every day. their paths never cross with each other until the drug Kingpin, Tremaine kidnaps Lino's girlfriend, Damien reluctantly accepts the help of Lino, who is also known as an ex-convict to stop a sinister plot to destroy the entire city.

not a big fan of guns shooting here and there or cars drifting around and around kind of movie, unless it's a huge production kind of movie. heard they say this is the last movie of Paul Walker, guess the selling point of the movie becomes the Paul Walker's last movie after Paul Walker's sudden death. didn't know who is a Paul Walker until he dies, usually refers him as the guy from fast and furious, or O'Corner. guess at least he got some fame when he died. back to the movie, it's an okay movie for me, nothing much to talk about though. when people ask about the review of the movie, I'll just say, it's the last movie of Paul Walkers'. don't know who's Paul Walker? watch fast and furious, the guy who used to be cop is Paul Walker.

moral of the movie :
there is always different sides of every story you have heard. your side, his side, and the truth. never be blinded by those who you thought trust able cause you to misjudge anything in your life. seek for the truth and listen to your heart before you make any decision.

thanks for reading. XOXO 

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