I know I have left my blog dead for quite a while, at least a month if am not mistaken. looking at those reader's statistic reminds me how dead my blog is, and the date of my last post, what a shame as a blogger.

okay, back to the point. been super duper busy recently with everything, everything comes all together.
besides that, procrastination did drag me down a bit when I feel to blog as I had too much to blog and yet do not know where to start as everything is jumble up together when I had not blogged for that long. and also, the internet in the hostel ain't working previously which I can't upload photos from my mobile phone to blogger, and can't update my blog as well as I can't post anything without internet, right?
did went home where unlimited internet is provided in between the days I did not blog, but there is too much things to do and too little time I had when am always back at home. and when I managed to complete a blog post at home using my previous laptop, the laptop decided to crash without me tapping the save button.

so, this is not me when I was away from MY LITTLE DIARY. instead, I was going up and down doing some serious shit, and of course some errands as well.

let me explain what I was busying with till I have completely neglected my blog for that long period of time before am judged as being lazy. although I have got my punishment for losing most of my readers.
beware, this will be a post filled with lengthy words with no pictures to entertain u. was thinking of breaking it into 2 parts, but it's kind of pointless to break why am I busy into 2 posts.


who am I kidding by giving this as an excuse, right? okay, if you people know me well, should have known this is my final semester for my degree course. even if you don't, it's okay, I don't blame u for not knowing me. there is whole bunch of people that do not know me out there but yet they are judging me as if they have known me forever.

since it is my final semester, of course the work load of assignments are going to be much more heavy compare to the previous semester as we are entering the real world after our graduation (although am not). been super tied up by the amount of works that need to be done, and mostly because of my god damn procrastination that caused me have to rush at the very last minute which happen every fucking semester.


most of my friends should have known, or people who are my friends from Facebook should have known that I was broke because I have been spending on flight tickets last month. luckily I still have someone who secretly sponsor everything I need when I was totally broke with only one figure left in the bank account.

am not really that kind of girl will carry a luggage with different of airport stickers from different countries as I still don't get the fondness people get when they travel. I would rather stay in front of my laptop seeing where people have went and knowing the place, that would have be enough for me. 

but somehow, my friends from Australia have been persuading me to give them a visit and I can stay at their place when am over there. they also tell me that finding an accommodation in Australia is fucking expensive and I should have visit them when they're still studying and when they can still provide accommodation for me to stay. and yes, I was persuaded by them and am leaving a week after my graduation.

was kind of excited as first then it turned to "why am I doing this" kind of feeling when I was broke from buying air tickets, then to worry will I be safe over there kind of feeling. am excited I have never been to Australia, or at least in my memory, I don't. and this time, I have planned to stay there for 3 weeks. instead of flying from KL to Australia, I will fly within Australia as am traveling from Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. which explains why am broke from buying all those air tickets because air tickets is fully funded by myself. although am calling this the graduation trip, but I insist on paying flight tickets on my own and letting the parents to give me some pocket money to spend over there. did I mention am flying to all these places all by my own because am staying at my friend's place? which is why am quite worry as the date of flying approaching because this is the very 1st time am traveling all by myself.


the electric bill at home is madness expensive, it can goes up to RM600+ where there is only 3 of my family members using it and they are usually not at home and they only use air conditioner at night. so went to TNB a few times when am back at home to deal with the expensive bills and TNB told us it is normal to have that much of electricity bill as everyone was complaining because they have changed the rate at that moment and the weather which would have caused the usage of electricity. WTF?! electricity has been a necessity nowadays and how can the government made us burden from using electricity? if am only earning RM2k, which means a quarter of my salary goes to electricity bill, what about living cost and some other things that need to be paid every month? of course I did not say this right in front of the staff that served me as she is not the one who made this, but at the end of the day, our house might get to change a new meter after checking if there is any fault with the previous ones.

also some other errands like cutting off Hypptv at Streamyx as we have Astro after furnishing our house now, taking my little Myvi to service at Perodua, so on and so forth that I don't really remember anymore.


the brother had finally finished his STPM and he wants to be an architect in the future and he himself knows that he can't squeeze into local university's architecture, which he had made up his mind to further his studies in private university. he'd been choosing in between the university and after taking advises from everyone, he had decided to study in Limkokwing Univeristy by taking Curtin's program.

as he is coming to the university that am currently studying, and taking the Australia course as I am, which also indicates that I need to help him with everything about his registration. so I was occupied for quite some time when he is around bugging me.


although the result ain't out yet, but I think mostly am able to at least pass all of my modules which explains why my name is under the graduation list in the university system. now only I know, getting into the university is a piece of cake, but getting out is another story as we are not paying the university anymore. out of nowhere, I have some hidden debt (not really that much la) from last year or the year before when am dealing with the graduation to do list provided by the university. not only that, I still have to pay in order to graduate for the robe or attending the convocation. WTF?! as if we're not paying enough already.


u can either say am not prepared for the real world or am not satisfied with my education level, but am going for master studies. searched for a few universities and got some advises from everyone, decided to whether going to University Malaya for master in communications or staying in Limkokwing University for MBA in PR as I had met both of the requirements (so far).

was still considering should I just take the ones by University Malaya as it is a lot more cheaper, but also a lot more tougher as it is based on research mode which am quite clueless what to write for thesis. but again, MBA is quite convenient and needed everywhere, despite is a lot more expensive than the ones in University Malaya, it is also coursework mode, which I have more confident I can score on. fuck my life, need to figure this out before I leave for my graduation trip.

that's why I have been busy with, mostly on my mobile phone as you can see I have been updating myself in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.. seldom touch my laptop, even if I did, usually was streaming drama and doing other things at the same time.

lastly, your apologies are accepted for having a false perception to me. =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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