Shooting on the go

it was my final semester, which every of the module contains heavy work load. I admit that am pretty lucky throughout my degree as I usually get very nice group mates most of the time. of course there also times I very unlucky to get those that don't work at all, but mostly am lucky enough, especially for the FTV module.

I missed the first class when everyone is assigned to groups, but luck me to have an awesome classmate, Jessica, she told me she wants me in her group and am already in right after the class. was super happy as I know her group is quite pro when it comes to shooting and efficient. besides, Khairul, the legend of FTV who got quite a number of award for his work was in the group as well. no words can describe how blessed I am to have these people in the group.

took some pictures with my group mates when the rest are busy with the preparations. the only thing I have to handle with is the clapper, which I have to prepare some numbers written on cellophane tape and claps it when the shooting is ongoing.

#1 Khairul and Eric

#2 me and Jessica

#3 the camera and lenses we rent from outside in order to complete our shoot.

#4 all of the equipment used, looking pro or not?

it is my honor to be in a group with them as they work in team and working professionally. maybe they have been working in the industry before this which makes everything comes in handy when it comes to shooting, which makes my final semester something different.  =)

thanks for reading. XOXO

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