Happy 57th Birthday, Malaysia

31st of August, it's not purely a public holiday for Malaysians, it is also our Independence Day, our National Day.

Federation of Malaya gained its independence from British colonization 57 years ago and formed to what we know of today as Malaysia, wondering what other names our country will be named if it wasn't named as Malaysia at the first place. giving a name for a pet is hard enough for me, moreover a name of a country.
back to topic, since Malaysia got its independence on 31st of August in 1957, therefore every year of 31st of August is a National Public Holiday to commemorate and celebrate the freedom and independence of the country. 

this year, our National Day falls on Sunday, a day when most of the people don't have to work.
in order to replace the public holiday when most of the Malaysians need not to work, we get a day extra free holiday. this is why I love Malaysia so much, we get our public holiday replaced.
I know they have been a lot of complains on why can't Malaysia be like this country and that country, but this is the land where we grow what we are today. without the elements that make what a Malaysia is today, we can't even be who we are today.

I love Malaysia, because there is no winter that will freeze me out every morning.
I love Malaysia, because this is where my friends and family is.
I love Malaysia, because most of the natural disasters can be avoided.
I love Malaysia, because this is where I am grown to be who I am today.

Malaysia, happy birthday. Malaysians, happy national day.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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