Adelaide (part 1)

if you have been following my blog or instagram, you should have known I have been to Australia for 3 weeks after my graduation as a graduation trip half sponsored by my parents. and yes, I went to the trip all by myself.

Adelaide is my first stop, where my cousins with different parents but both sides of our parents share the same surname. confusing? let me explain further.
my mother is their mothers' sister, which made their mother shares the same surname with my mother. coincidentally, their father shares the same surname with my father though they are not blood related.


didn't take any photos on the 1st day at Adelaide as I look super dead on the first day as I have spent half of my day in the airport, flying from Kuantan to KL and to Adelaide. besides, didn't really enjoy the Adelaide on the day I touch down, super tired due to the long ass flight hours.


#1 bacon muffin from Hungry Jack as breakfast

they say Hungry Jack at Australia is kind of like the Burger King in Malaysia, and their burgers are not a must to try kind of thing. had this that morning because I was waiting for someone who is supposed to show up somewhere there with my empty stomach for almost an hour.

#2 meeting up with Yi Wei at Adelaide

coincidentally, Yi Wei and her huge family is in Adelaide by the time am in Adelaide as well. just that they have arrived a few days before me and they leave Adelaide and back to Malaysia a few days after I have arrived.

managed to meet her the next day after I touched down in Adelaide as she is leaving Adelaide the next day after meeting me because she needs to rush back to KL for her exam. followed her and her family the whole day on my 2nd day in Adelaide.
went to the Mount Lofty Summit with her family by wearing only a T shirt under my thick jacket, and some heating pad that only heat up when am in a warm places. managed to survive throughout the whole period on the mountain, had a bit of runny nose, but a cup of hot drink cures every cold.

#3 tiny carrots from a random market

wandered a bit in Adelaide with her family as they rented a car in Adelaide. they stopped by at a supermarket kind of market to buy some groceries to cook for the dinner.

#4 random attraction in Hahndorf

they say Hahndorf is also known as the "German Street" in Adelaide, every building there is special in their very own way. there is a lot of attraction along the street in Hahndorf and am quite failed as a blogger as am just "look at that!", "woah", "this is special" most of the time instead of taking pictures.
went back to where Yi Wei stays after wandering a bit at the Hahndorf and rest a while while her mother is cooking us dinner. her aunt dropped me at the city where I can catch a bus to go back to my cousins' place after the dinner.


#5 a park in the city

scrolled my phone and daydreamed a bit at the park sitting on the bench before I have figured out where to have my brunch, ALONE. the cousin did recommended my some places with awesome food, but am too hungry to take a picture for the blog.

#6 some aboriginal statues

decided to do what a tourist do, went to the aboriginal museum. realized that the aborigines from Australia looks quite similar to the asli from Malaysia, wondering are all the aborigines look the same.
only went to the part of museum where I don't have to pay as am not that interested with these ancient kind of fossil, am just doing what a tourist do. my objective of the view is mainly on visiting the country rather than shopping, that's why most of the days am visiting the tourist attractions while am in Australia.

#7 totally forgotten what is this

not really into the Australia aboriginal museum as I think they look quite similar with the asli from Malaysia. other than the aborigines, there is some part where there is wax statue (at least I think they are) of different animals that look super real.

#8 american black bear

animals are placed accordingly according to where they are from, from the smallest kind of animals to the big ones. I personally think most of the animals in there are made according to the exact size of them.
every animal has a tag right in front of them to show the tourists what are they instead of having a board right beside the big aquarium where people have to look for what the beast is. super thoughtful, isn't it? 

#9 monkeys

#10 the famous beasts

tell me, who else do not know what are these beasts are? but of course, they still have to put up these beasts though people do know what they are.

#11 some beasts from north American

basically the museum is kind of like a huge aquarium where some of the animals can be viewed 360 degree depends on how they place the statue. the animals look super real as if they have been paused from the real life in the wild life.
wondering how they manage to make the statues look that real. thinking did they extract the fur from the dead body in order to make the statues that real.

#12 deer, leopard and wolf

#13 lion in the center of the museum

at first I though am having some kind of illusion when I think I saw the tail of the lion moves a bit and then it stops for a while before it moves again. then I stand right in front of the lion for quite some time to confirm that am not having any illusion and the tail does move after a while.
the lion is less real compare to others la, but I did think it was real at the beginning when I saw the eyes of the lion blink and the tail wiggles a bit. wondered will the animals in the museum moves just like what screened from NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM.

stay tuned for the next part. XOXO

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