Dengue Fever

it all started with 2 weeks ago. it's just a normal Saturday morning and am preparing myself as usual without feeling anything strange with my body or my body.

while waiting for the food during brunch time, I felt like there is a giant vacuum sucking all of my energy at once and I felt tired and drowsy all of a sudden. my appetite dropped like the statistic of my blog before the food arrived, and I ate super little when the food arrived.
at first I thought am just feeling sleepy out of blue as I do feel that sometimes, especially after meal every fucking time. and I thought I will feel better after a good nap, but it didn't.

had some Penadols after finding out one of my eyes are swollen after a short nap but the condition got worse from time to time. slowly, I look like a gold fish as both of my eyes are swollen.

no joke, this is exactly how I look like even after taking the Penadols. I thought I would feel better after having Penadols and had a power nap, but things gone worse and that's when I know I have to consult a doctor already.

so I went to one of the clinics in Puchong as I have never been to any of the clinics in KL before and the clinic is quite empty. the patients in the clinic looking fierce as if it's a clinic purposely for gangsters who are hurt.
there is a gangster who got bruises all over his body yelling at the nurse for being super slow while he is waiting for X-ray. the clinic was quite scary to me la, I can conclude that clinic as the scariest clinic that I have ever been. 

the first impression of mine to the doctor is, muscular and young. at first I thought the doctor must be one of the gangsters that is good in studies and opens up the clinic purely for the brothers, I know am wrong when the patient is yelling like crazy in the clinic.
I assume the doctor is a gay when I see the way he walks and talks. not being bias here, but guys with muscles, walking femininely, and talk in super soft tone, I will straight away assuming them as gays.
seriously, the doctor walks more feminine that I do. the way he talks, made me feel am super manly myself.

I was told by the doctor I might be having some skin sensitive problems caused by food or environment. he said he is not giving me any antibiotics as that day is the first day of mine having fever.

the amount of medicine I got from the clinic though am not that sick according to the doctor. wasn't having cough but cough syrup is given; wasn't having sore throat, 2 different sore throat medicines are given.

I think am paying more on the medicine rather than the consultation fee as there is a lot of medicine there for a not so serious illness. my conclusion of the day would be: never ever trust the doctor if the doctor looks young.
sometimes, judging the book by its cover do help. at least no high expectations will be expected when we have no knowledge on the certain person or place.

after having the medicine given by the doctor, my swollen eyes did help but my fever never gets better. I assume probably no antibiotics were given and it takes more time in order to cure a fever, and I waited.
I still don't feel well the next day but still have to work as I have promised my colleagues I will be there to help and also, I get to watch free movies. appetite got super bad on that day as I can't even finish a bowl of porridge that morning.
so I thought I will get better after a long sleep and I slept quite early that night as I need to get up early for work the next day. but the fever never goes and that's when my colleague told me to take half day leave and go for another doctor consultation.

went to a random clinic and almost the same medicine is given, but this time with medical certificate which made me eligible to skip work the next day. too bad the fever won't go even having medicines for days and took a day off from work.

this is how my face looked like the day after I took a day off from work and I insist on going to the work because I do feel better compare to the previous days. luckily the fever finally fades the day after but the worse is yet to come.

although am fully recovered from fever on Thursday, I start to have red patches all over my body, especially my legs. the patches grow aggressively after a hot shower I had at night.
then in the midnight, I got up from itchiness and I find it super hard to fall back asleep as the itchiness is super strong, especially the sole of my feet. after holding the itch for an hour, I have decided to go to the hospital, and I have totally have no idea which hospital can I do in the middle of the night as I have never been to any of the hospital or clinic in the middle of the night.

so I went to the general hospital in Putrajaya. went to the emergency department as that is the only department opens in the middle of the night and am not alone. 

my kind of expression when the doctor tells me an having dengue fever after having a blood test. the first thing that crossed my mind when I was told am  having dengue was, I don't want to spend my nights in the hospital all myself!

but then again, the doctor tells me am in a recovering phase where I don't have to admit in the hospital, at least not the general hospital. only a kind of medicine is given as the doctor says there is no medicine for dengue, the only thing I can do to cure it is drink a lot of water, or 100 plus.
of course, medical certificate is given upon my request as I barely sleep because of dengue. besides, I was told to go to the clinic or hospital everyday after that in order to get my blood checked on my platelets.

somehow the medicine given to stop the itch is not strong enough and I went back to the hospital on the same day for a stronger medicine as I still barely sleep even after taking the medicine given by the hospital. so the hospital gave me a lotion and a stronger medicine for the itch.
the itch starts to fade slowly day by day since then but I still need to get my ass back to the clinic everyday till Sunday to check on my platelets. according to the doctor, the patches will take about a week to fades and it is almost a week since the day I got the patches already.
the patches start to fades, only some light red patches on the legs can be seen and I have been wearing jeans for the whole week because those patches look fucking hideous. luckily I don't have them on my face, or maybe luckily the patches won't show on the face.

am quite amazed by myself as I need not to admit in any of the hospital for having dengue and I recover from dengue just by drinking water and some useless penadols. okay, not only me, most of the people are quite curious why I need not to admit in the hospital after being diagnosed for having dengue as well.

what suffer the most while having dengue? the itch, didn't know that is one of the symptoms and that is the deadliest ones.
my advice if you got dengue? have lots of water, pee more, you'll feel better.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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