Gangnam Station

just another random day when I have decided go out for a walk instead of staying in the room all day without doing anything. if you do follow me in my Instagram, sure you would have known this is quite an old post.


top and skirt : Sungei Wang
shoes : Fahrenheit 88
bag : Charles & Keith
watch : Padini

usually I shop when am at KL, or maybe window shopping instead of watching movies. according to what I have in my memory, I do remember I did some shopping and wander around in KL a lot on that day.

forgot the first meal I had in KL, but I confirmed I had Korean food for dinner at Gangnam Station, Sungei Wang. was having sudden crave for Korean food and the shop is right beside me when I want to have one.

#2 taking pictures before the food arrive, as usual  =P

#3 kimchi soup with side dishes

you don't call yourself having Korean food if you are not having kimchi soup, and of course, am the kind of typical Chinese that must have rice. by rice I mean here is, A BOWL OF WHITE RICE.

#4 bibimbap

I have no idea since when am having this huge thing for bibimbap that made me wanna order it every freaking time. I remembered I was those who say, who would eat sushi in Korean restaurant? I would rather have them in Japanese restaurant.

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