it's another long ago post that I found in my draft. denied as soon as possible when colleague asked am I a blogger. how on earth can I blogger leave a post in the draft section for 5 freaking months? failed blogger. 

#1 coco tan

she is the person am meeting on that day. didn't see her for quite some time since she deferred. she doesn't usually spend time in university when there is no class, which also means it's quite hard for us to meet each other.

#2 my kind of signature pose every time while waiting for food.

we had our food at Nutmeg, Bangsar Village. never tried it before though am always there. since Coco is recommending it, why not give it a try.

#3 something like the Nutmeg signature big breakfast

am a super big fan of big breakfast, would like to try all of the big breakfast in every places that serve big breakfast. don't really remember the price, but it's quite generous of them to have smoked salmon in a big breakfast la.

#4 Nutmeg signature french toast

she says she is quite full, there for she is having french toast. but look at the amount of french toast, it's not any little than my big breakfast lo. gave her a poker face when her french toast is served, but she didn't manage to finish the whole thing la.

#5 us together

wandered a bit in the mall and went to moo cow that is located outside of Bangsar Village as there is nothing much we can shop in there la. everything in there is super atas.

#6 my original moo cow frozen yogurt

was craving for some frozen yogurt for quite some time already. didn't care how full I am after the meal we had in Nutmeg. die die also want to have one before we leave.


top : some atas brand that I don't remember (not mine)
jumpsuit : laea
flats : topshop

#8 her OOTD

of course, I didn't know where she gets her OOTD la. but obviously she got match a bit before coming out la. all white with some black accessories. didn't realize both of us tied our hair up for OOTD till I write this post. DAFUQ!

thanks for reading. XOXO

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