Adelaide (part 2)

continuing my post from the previous post, trying very hard not to put too many photos in a post. in case you're searching, here is the previous post for Adelaide part 1.

#1 colourful fake coral reefs with some fishes 

everything in there is super real, they even make the background of the wall darker, so that it brings out the feel of the ocean. 

#2 wildlife habitat

#3 close up from the photo above

see how detail they are making up the whole thing. did not neglect any details that are needed to give us a better picture of everything.

#4 the "case" of a mummy

#5 some kind of remembrance statue I saw after coming out from the museum

so sweet of the ang moh for remembering those memorable days, purposely buy some fresh flowers some more. do correct me if am wrong with what I thought this is, as I didn't go up and "kepoh" about it.

left the museum and went to somewhere else that is nearer. so I was trying my luck and wander around the University of Adelaide, I end up happened to be in the state library without knowing where I was at. took some stairs wandering in the library.

#6 ongoing portrait sketching

#7 part of the library

I have never been to the public library back in Malaysia, but I seriously don't mind study in a library looking like this. the whole library is filled with books and there is a table that is able to fit up to 6 people in between every book shelf that is filled with books. left the library after taken enough of photos.

met the cousin after her class as her uni is just around the corner. decided to go to the art gallery together because she hasn't been there either (after staying there for more than a year).

#8 I call this the "hao po" statue

#9 I think they look like some kind of parrots

I would like to insert a quote by Edgar Degas, "ART IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE, BUT WHAT YOU MAKE OTHERS SEE". basically, I don't get a single thing I see in the art gallery but naked people.

#10 German pub (if am not mistaken)

left the art gallery after we have wandered for quite some time to figure out what art is about, then the cousin suggested I should experience the lifestyle there, drink at day time. for your information, it's not even 5 o'clock when we reach the pub.
the cousin treated me my first beer and I treated her the fries. chatted for a bit and we felt so much closer compare to the times before I had the trip. her sister picked us up roughly 2 hours later and there goes my 3rd day in Adelaide.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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