crreepy guy in the hostel

this happened a few days ago, the day when am back from Melaka. super efficient, right?

it falls on Sunday evening when am coming out from the toilet, with a cropped top and a shorts. am in a fucking girls' hostel, of course I thought it will be fucking safe wearing what I want.
so there is a "I think is a Malay guy" followed me for a while after I got out from the toilet. kind of ignored him at first, thinking he might be looking for someone else or he's some kind of delivery guy. but he kept following me and looked at me real hard when I look at him.

for your information, the hostel is quite empty by that time. probably they're having semester break and I don't know, since I have graduated.
so I asked what he wants and all he asked am I staying alone or sharing a room with a roommate. at first, I thought he is some kind of guy from the hostel management, so I told him am staying all by myself.
I walk back to my room after answering him and he remained silent after I have replied and followed me to the front of my door. that is when I felt something is not right with him as he is still looking at me and wait for me to enter my room. I looked at him again and asked what he wants, he replied in hesitation.

this is how he asked, "can I?..." , he kind of stopped a while after asking "can I?".
my intuition told me I have to reject him straight away as I sensed something is not right with that guy. but that guy asked for the second time, saying "please" this time. I told him to leave right away by pointing the entrance and also the exit of that floor.
he kind of begged for a few times and I increase my volume every time I reply him. I reply him with a loud "NO" and "CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE NOW?!". I refused to go into the room as am scared that he might push the door and lock the door after following me getting into the room. thinking that am least am safe out of the room with the security guards at downstairs.
he kind of left after I have rejected for up to five times by repeating the 2 answers, then only I rush back to my room and fucking lock the room up immediately. stayed in the room for quite some time as am super scared that guy will attempt to do anything on me though I have no idea what he will do. AND I DO NOT WISH TO KNOW AS WELL!

told someone about it and someone says there is a Malay looking guy in green shirt is wandering at the floor and checking my room when someone is filling the water bottle for me in the kitchen. fucking scared to go out from my room. for your information, the kitchen is right outside my room.
after that incident, am super paranoid whenever I go to the bathroom as there is a few cases the girls from the hostel got peeped by Malay toned guy while they're showering. some more most of the 
people in the hostel went back for semester break, the probability of me "kena" is quite high la.
praying hard so that I won't be that "sui" to "kena", but seriously don't know how to pray as I trust no god. never mind, they say 有包庇有保佑.

been looking for a room since that incident, but most of the rooms out there are quite expensive as utilities are not included. furthermore, the amount of utilities used by housemates cannot be controlled as well.
in addition, who knows what kind of people the housemates will bring back to home. certainly is not putting my self safety in danger with some strangers, especially with the ugly society we have now.

staying in the hostel is good, but somehow that kind of incident had been happening quite frequent. wanted to stay in a studio apartment but am too poor to have it. too much worries when I have decided to stay with some strangers in a house. 

thanks for reading. XOXO

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