internship at netccentric

if you know me well enough, or if you're following me in my twitter, sure you know am working now, as an intern.

people been asking the same question when they see me, "are you working now?" seriously, I don't really know how am I going to answer them as working as an intern doesn't really consider as working.
first of all, interns are supposed to learn what the field is about before getting into the field. and because we are there to learn rather than earn, the pay is much more lower compare to the other employees.

usually people will be asking which year am I in or when am I graduating after knowing working as an intern now. and that is when I have to tell them that I have graduated and they will look at me confusingly, asking why am I doing the internship thing. then I have to answer almost the same thing almost every fucking time.
so, here is why I am doing this internship thing instead of working. am quite blur of my future after my graduation, therefore I have decided to apply for an internship instead.
besides, I was thinking of taking my MBA after my internship, but am no longer sure about it anymore.

hoping I won't have to answer the same thing all over again in the future, though most likely it's not going to happen la. feels like I have been telling a lot of people about it, but feels like there is still more out that that don't know about it.
maybe am just going to say, "yes, am working". or maybe am just going to reply them "nah, am not doing anything at the moment".

back to the topic. am currently having my internship at netccentric. you might not know what's netccentric, how about NUFFNANG?

for those that blog, of course you know what kind of company a Nuffnang is. but for those who don't, Nuffnang is known as the world's leading blog advertising community.
want to know how it works? check out more at here. in short, everyone can earn by blogging through Nuffnang.

never thought I will be working in Nuffnang as this is the kind of company that I always want to know more about since I started blogging in Blogspot, which is almost 8 years ago. also, I didn't know they are accepting interns as well.
applied for a few places in KL after I have slacked enough, and also had enough fun. looked for a few other companies in jobstreet while waiting for the company to reply me email, that's when I found there is a vacancy for interns in netccentric.
they are really fast as they reply me a week after I apply for the position and had my very first interview on the week they contact me. I then started my internship a week after the interview. although there is a few of the companies that I have applied offer me the same position with a higher pay, but what's better than working in a company that I wanted to work in?

how's the company? most of the colleagues in the office are almost my age, and they are quite young in the office as well.
was quite shocked when I was told they weren't working as long as I thought, this is because the way they work makes them look super pro in handling most of the situations. as most of the people in the office are fresh graduates, the office is very energetic and lively.
not only the colleagues are young, my boss is quite young as well, if you know who my boss is.
I think am quite failed la. I didn't know fourfeetnine's husband, Timothy Tiah is the co-founder of the company till I go through the background of the company a bit before the interview. my boss is super friendly and nice to his employees la.

if you ever ask how's working in the company? I would say I like what am I doing now la. I know people will be saying what an intern does is totally different with a full time staff la, but what really matters is am enjoying my current situation.
although I need to take 2 trains in order to go to work everyday, spending at least RM15 on transportation if am taking the train. at least an hour needed in order to reach the company from the place am staying now, up to 2 hours if am driving and got stuck in the traffic.
but working with a bunch of people who's almost my age with that kind of environment is definitely something different. am feeling blessed for getting the position I wanted in the company. you don't always get what you want in your life, and I can proudly say one of my huge dreams is taken down from the list.

what's my next plan? am still quite unsure with my future yet. undeniable KL is very happening compare to Kuantan, but staying in KL is quite expensive.
still, am thankful for what am having now. lastly, thank you netccentric for giving me the opportunity to try out at one of the companies that I wanted to work at.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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