Jom heboh

this happened quite some time ago, way before I graduate. sorry for the late post, trying my best to keep my blog updated.

so there is a month or two in this year am super broke, broke till I need to find a part time job to earn extra pocket money.
spent most of my allowance and my savings on my Australia trip. had a deal with the mother, she'll be giving pocket money and I will pay for my own flight ticket. spent almost RM3k for all of the flight tickets.

here is my ongoing post on my trip in Australia.

as I was scrolling on some part time job available in Cyberjaya, found that the Jom Heboh needs promoter urgently the next day. without hesitation, I made my call saying I will be there the next morning along with another friend of mine in hostel.

so this is our stall, selling Harpic, the toilet bowl washer.
the slogan be like, "get 2 Harpic and free gifts that worth RM30 with only RM10 today". have to be super thick skin in order to do this by approaching anyone that pass by us. luckily most of the visitors that day are Malays.

if you still watch television programs, what I mean is the  5 channels (TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9) that are available in Malaysia without subscribing anything, sure you remember who is the lady that holds the microphone.
I was told she is not the only celebrity that shows up in Jom Heboh, Felixia Yeap was there as well. but I did not get to see Felixia Yeap la, she's at the other end of the event and we were forbid to wander that far. at least I get to see this I don't even know who celebrity ma.

have to be there at 8 o'clock for some briefing and the whole thing starts an hour later. we were told to change into the uniform from the mobile toilet. the toilet is fucking disgusting and smelly la, some even got shit on the floor some more.
I held my breath and closed my eyes when I got into the toilet and change into the given uniform in less than 5 seconds. am scared I will puke when I see how dirty and smell how smelly the toilet is.

this is not the worst part yet. the given uniform and it is super stinky and smelly la. luckily my friend brought her perfume with her and we sprayed it all over the shirt and it still smells like salted fish with the smell of armpit without applying deodorant. I swear am not exaggerating at all.
for your information, the Jom Heboh is held for 2 days. so there must be people working and decided to quit on the previous day I worked, right? 
they have to wear the uniform we were wearing under the hot sun for at least 12 hours, of course they will drenched in sweat la. the problem is, the organizer did not even fucking wash or do whatever they can before passing us the uniform!

from left, Nanncy (my friend), me, friend A, clown, and friend B. super sorry that I don't have your names, or I have forgotten your names. most of the people that work with us are from UTAR or TARC.

did not really get to chat with the friend or talk with anyone else on that day as we have to be spread out while selling the stuffs, and we are NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO EACH OTHER. we were basked under the hot sun to sell the stuffs when others can stay under the booth, and we were not allowed to chat with our friends for a while?
frankly speaking, I do think the boss is quite mean la. made us work under the sun all day long when the crews for the rest of the booths are shedding in their booths. we were the only crews that stay out under the crazy hot sun.

a little something given by the clown when I get back to the booth to take some rest (we can rest for a while in between, but not too long) when em having serious migraine for exposing under the hot sun for long hours. had some penadols given by I don't remember who, the people there are being super friendly la. I can feel myself fainting soon at that moment.

drenched in sweat after the morning and the sweat somehow turned into salt after quite sometime as am releasing too much sweat till the point it is as salty as the sea water. not to forget, although I have been drinking a lot of water to prevent heatstroke, but I have never been to the toilet.
not because of the mobile toilet, but I have nothing to pass out through urine as am losing all of my water under the crazily hot sun. this had shown me a whole new level of sweating. was quite surprised when I found myself is covered with little things that are similar with salt.

we managed to sell almost all of the ready stocks they have the booth, something that is out of expectation from the boss. as I remember, I have sold about 50 sets of toilet bowl washer.

although it is not a pleasant experience, but at least it is a something special experience. will never do this anymore, so I consider this as a once in a lifetime experience.
this experience proved that I can do things that I thought I can't even accomplish. kind of want to give up at the first few hours, but I managed to stay till the end of the day. was kind of impressed with myself for having the determination.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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