Ladies On Top Launch (part 1)

#1 from the left, Coco Tan, me, and Samantha

am honoured to be invited by Nuffnang to attend an event at The Signature, The Roof. Coco Tan is my plus one for the night, and Samantha is my colleague from work.

#2 wall decoration of the night

#3 was there quite early when the pub is quite empty

#4 photo bombing while they are taking photo

they are taking photo and I kinda screwed up the photo. didn't plan to photo bomb at first, was staring blankly from the screen of Samantha's camera.

#5 from a corner of the event where cocktails are coming out from

#6 choices of cocktails we get to choose from

#7 having our cocktails in our hands

I had the green ones and Samantha had the purple ones. apparently Samanthas' cocktail tastes better than mine. not saying mine tastes bad, but it tastes kinda weird after a few sips.

#8 more alcohol in the hand

#9 two bottles of complimentary red wines

#10 some guy opening the bottle for us

this guy is super funny lo. I think the cork of the wine is broke in the bottle and the wine can't be poured out from the bottle. he pretended he manages to take out the cork by trying to pour the wine out.
he thought all of us don't know what he did and he acted all the way till he is done with his service. but we actually saw what he did from the beginning and laughed at how ridiculous he is. ridiculous as in funny kind la. somehow he managed the pull the cork out from the bottle after leaving us with the bottle.

trying not to put too many photos in a post. will update the 2nd part as soon as possible.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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