one of the bad days

the title supposed to be like "the worst day ever", but who am I to say as there is a long way to go in my life. besides, totally forgotten the bad days that I have had, can't really tell is really the worst day.

so this bad day fell on 26th of September, a few days back. the day I have decided to go back to KL from Kuantan. am going back KL on Friday instead of Sunday because I have a short trip in Melaka on weekend.

purposely sleep early the night before, probably around 11. but I was waken up from the house alarm that rang for almost 10 minutes.
after trying to continue my dream for 5 minutes, I gave up on my sleep and check out on what happened with the fucking alarm. turned out to be my brother who triggers the alarm in a freaking morning.
the brother told me he forgot to off the alarm before he leaves the house and keyed in the wrong password after it starts to ring. the alarm rang from a lower pitch to a super high pitch as the alarm rang for more than 5 minutes.

tried all our best to shut it off by pressing the password again and again, but somehow the password doesn't work any more. tried pressing all the buttons that on the machine but the alarm just won't shut the fuck up.
after trying all we can, the brother decided to turn off the main electric switch but the alarm is still fucking ringing. guess the alarm is not connected with the main electric switch, the alarm will still fucking ring if there is any shortage of electricity.
we were raged till the extend where we plug off the alarm cable from the box where we need to reconnect it and reset everything after plugging it out. then only the alarm stops and I off the alarm without hesitation after reconnecting the cable.
lectured the brother for a bit because he is the cause of the trouble, but he kind of ignore me and leave the house. as am not fully awake after the annoying incident, I continue my sleep till I can wake up naturally a few hours later.

of course, this is life, what I planned did not happen.
I was awake by a phone call from the godfather roughly 3 hours later, telling me he had da bao food for me and he is leaving the house in a while. not blaming him for waking me up by giving me that phone call, am the one who requested on it.
what raged me the 2nd time is there is an unknown object on the floor that gave me a huge scratch after the phone call. tried to search for that unknown object but it can't be found anywhere in the room, creepy or what?!

after shower and packing stuff, am fucking ready to leave to leave the house. I have gotten myself in my car and checked on my phone before I leave.
found that I have 2 missed calls, one from the mother and another one from the father. so I called back just in case they need anything urgently that need to be done before I leave the town.
as usual, the first thing after a missed call always be "why don't you pick up your phone one?!". this time, I missed it because I was fucking showering.
the father called just to ensure I have taken the money he left for me on the table, best dad ever. and the mother called so that I take the clothes out from the washing machine dry all of them by hanging them under the hot sun.
I was ordered to dry them up before I leave even after I told them am already leaving. fuck my life! I need to hang all of them under the freaking hot sun as the hanger bracket we have at home is fix and attached to the wall. it is placed under a transparent roof where sun rays can be reached but rain drops will not be dripping on the clothes that are hang on the hanger bracket.

after hanging all the clothes, am drenched with sweat. did I just mention I just fucking shower before I hop into my car? why can't the brother do it?!
so I left my home after doing the chore given by the mother at 12 noon, FRIDAY! it's a freaking Friday, and Malaysia usually jams on Fridays.
after passing by a traffic light with the massive traffic they have out there, I reached out for my phone just to check on my phone on the red light. tried searching the whole bad and even the whole car, and no hand phone can be found.
then only I remember, I was holding my phone before I hang the clothes and I leave it on the rear windscreen of the father's car when my hands are no longer free. so I have to drive all the way back to home to get my phone, luckily it's still there.

went to the godparent's place for my brunch, and left their place straight to the highway through IM and I got myself fucking lost in that area for about 5 minutes before I got out from that area. and when I managed to get out from IM, I was in the highway already without knowing.
by the time, there is only limited oil in my oil tank for the journey from Kuantan to KL. got myself quite panic till I saw there is a petrol station at Gambang rest station.
there is always a road that merge into the main road in highways after every rest station. so, am driving out from the petrol station via the road that merge into the highway when there is a car coming from the side.
bear in mind, the fast lane, which is the right lane is empty. the stupid driver just won't move to the right lane or whatever, it just fucking honk me instead.
besides, half of my car is already ahead of him! I pressed the accelerator hard and stared at him as hard as possible while cutting him. am good enough for not showing him my middle finger.

everything is okay in KL and I thought all the bad lucks are over till when am arriving my hostel. I was searching for the key at the place that I usually put, and I can't find it after searching all over the car. got panic a bit when the thought of me leaving the key at home.
called the brother at home and checked, it's not on the table and not even on the shelf that I usually hang my keys.
then I remembered that I put the key in a pocket of a jacket that I wore on that day I drove back home. called the brother to check on the jacket and he managed to find it.
lucky enough for still having the key, the unlucky part? I have no place to stay for the night! that's when an unplanned trip starts.

kind of realize that day is going to be an unlucky day after 4 unlucky incidents happen, predicted that I might even get chock by drinking water. and yes, I got myself chocked while drinking a cup of water after my brunch.
the only thing I can conclude from the "sui" day is that all the "sui" things will just follow you no matter where you are and what you do. you can't hide from things that are meant to be happen, if you are destined to be that unlucky that day, just accept it.
quoting a quote from the internet; it's just a bad day, not a bad life.

thanks for reading. XOXO

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