petrol price

I know it's been quite some time since the increment in petrol price. the citizens of Malaysia somehow kind of getting used with how we are repay by the government by increasing our burden in any way they can. at least that's how I felt this time when the government decided to make a little adjustment on the petrol price last minute after a few weeks of rumours spreading about it. felt the rage of the citizens is getting lesser every time there is an increment in petrol price.

as a Malaysian, of course am following everyone to fill up my petrol tank a night before the adjustment of the petrol price.and for sure, the petrol station is full with cars.
as usual, I did not manage to fill up my petrol on the night before the adjustment for petrol price. it was my second time going to the petrol station before the increment in petrol price, and am not going to do it any more.

for your information, am using credit card for petrol every time. of course not mine, a sub card from the mother.
the mother gave me a card since the day I have to leave my home town for studies, for groceries and transportation purpose. also, some urgent purpose as well.
totally clueless on why the petrol station is not accepting credit cars every fucking time a day before the increment in petrol price. gave up every fucking time when they are not accepting cards, am not using my own allowance for petrol! some more the queue is fucking long.

always wanted a baby pink car, but extra charges is needed to repaint the whole thing. am happy enough to own a car right after I have my license, don't have to act like a spoilt brat.

I started driving a month after my 17th birthday, which is more than 6 years already. never realized I have driven for that long till am typing this, thinking how much time I have spent in a car.
at the same time, it also indicates I have my little white for that long of time already. my little white can be considered as an old car already, so much memories with it.

okay, back to the point. so there was a random day when my petrol tank is running empty after the increment in petrol price, and I fill up my almost empty petrol tank full.
to my surprise, it costs me more than RM70 to fill up an almost empty petrol tank of a myvi. what the fuck? it's only a 1.3cc car!
I started having flashbacks when I used to pay only RM50 to fill up the empty petrol tank and am paying RM20 more now. it's only 6 years years and am going through from RM50 to RM60 and RM70 now. according my kind of statistic, the petrol price is increasing RM10 every 3 years. 

if this is this goes on for the next 10 years, we might need to pay RM100 to fill up an empty petrol tank of a myvi! if one is needed to visit the petrol station once a week, that would be RM400 for a month!

when I thought the worst had come, I heard a news from the radio station this morning proving me how wrong I can be. people who get to earn for more than RM4k a month will no longer gatting any subsidization from the government on petrol. people will have to pay for how much the market is offering.
although the price will sometimes go higher and lower, but it remains higher most of the time. I know it takes me some time to earn at least RM4k per month, but I believe someday I will be able to earn that much and eventually, I have to pay more for my petrol as well.

fuck! am feeling fucking stress after finishing up this post. this is why I refuse to work and continue my studies. the world out there is fucking scary!!!

signing off. XOXO

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