the roof (part 2)

just a continuous post from my previous post because I simply hate to compile too many photos in a post. click here for the part 1.

#1 the band that plays on that night

#2 me, the bloggers, and my plus one (Coco)

was super shy at first and my plus one is more outgoing than I am, realized how bad am I in starting a conversation when I see how well Coco is socializing with strangers. Jess, the girl beside me, is super friendly and nice.

#3 sailor is the theme of the night

#4 I look super retarded

we didn't know the theme was sailor till we got there, seeing everything is decorated with sailor decorations. luckily not everyone is dressed as the theme, only the crews are dressed as sailor.

#5 complimentary wine from the company

#6 Samantha Tew

a girl I know from work who is always rushing here and there for event. 

#7 more photos of us

#8 alcohol, alcohol and alcohol

I personally prefer the cocktail if it's compared to the wine. have no idea why people is saying some of the wines are sweet when all I can taste is as bitter as bitter gourd.

#9 Jack decided to squeeze into the frame

#10 look at how happening the event it

again, thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to have a little gathering with the rest of the bloggers by providing venue and drinks.

 signing off, XOXO

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