Was trying to update my blog after i have missed a fucking klia transit after running like a mad dog all the way from the lrt station in bandar tasik selatan.

Saw the klia transit was staying still while am crossing the long ass bridge all the way from bandar tasik selatan lrt station.

Probably ran like a mad woman gripping hard on my bag hang on the shoulder. People been looking at me instead of giving their way!

Who knew the klia transit just fucking leave right in front of me. What the fuck?! I have to wait for another 20 minutes and i fucking ran like a mad woman for nothing!

The mood to blog kind of evaporated while trying to open my blog through google chrome using my limited mobile data.

After my blog is prettily loaded, i have to open another tab because i can't do it the way i usually did it using laptop. It will be easier if i did not delete the blogspot app previously as am not using it that frequent.

Lesson learnt: never simply delete any app, you'll never know when you will need it again.

Signing off. XOXO

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