11th monthsary

OMG! I should slap myself real hard for having this post stay in the draft for that long. 

it's another throwback post, 6 months ago post. it's never an easy work to maintain a blog, especially keeping it alive.

as usual, we celebrated our monthsary on the 12th of the month. but we didn't celebrate it anymore are our anniversary, kind of think it is unnecessary.

outfit of the day

dress : H&M
boots & shades : FOREVER 21
bag : ZARA
watch : PADINI
bangle : CHARLES & KEITH

went to Sunway Pyramid as we have been planning to have our movie at beanieplex, TGV for the special occasion. I love beanieplex, but someone prefer the normal ones.

while waiting for the food after ordered

decided to try out the PEPPER LUNCH in Sunway Pyramid. tried it once, and didn't like it because most of the meals are in pepper, and I hate pepper. besides, the food is cooked in front of you, which will cause all your clothes and hair full of the smell of the food.

me zoning out while drinking

I have no idea since when, I zone out whenever and wherever I am. I can even zone out myself while am driving, especially when there is madness jam,

my teriyaki chicken

thought it's pepper-less, but turned out there is still some pepper sprinkle on it, very little of it. it's not that bad, but I would rather try out some other new restaurant in the mall instead.

cooking my meal

the oil kind of "kena" my hand when am trying to cook my chicken, this is the part where I hate most! and the smoke from the food gushed towards my face wherever I try to avoid it.

someone's beef rice

look at the amount of pepper they have on the rice, and of course, mine tastes better. even someone agrees with it.

I can't say the food is bad because I hate pepper, I would go for something else with the price with this kind of food. it's not expensive, but I wouldn't mind spend a little more on something better or even have something that I personally think worth the price.

went for our movie after wandered a bit in the mall. chose EDGE OF TOMORROW because I think it's much worthy if we're watching some big-budget production movie in a slightly higher price cinema.

edge of tomorrow

synopsis from what I have Googled, A military officer is brought into an alien war against an extraterrestrial enemy who can reset the day and know the future. When this officer is enabled with the same power, he teams up with a Special Forces warrior to try and end the war.

I can still remember the plot very well although the movie is been watched for 6 months, the story line is good. Although the scene where Tom Cruise waking up back at Heathrow the previous morning is being repeated again and again, but I don't find it boring at all. in fact, I laughed my ass off most of the scenes though it's a military science fiction movie.

love the movie. love the story line. and of course, who can resist Tom Cruise? how can he still be that charming after all the years. the movie definitely worth the price! 

our couple bangles

yeah. am the darker ones. wasn't recover back to my original skin tone after being overly exposed under the sun when I worked for the Jom Heboh event. fuck it!

I know it's an overdue post, but someone will still read it. so, happy belated 11th monthsary baby. I love you and thanks for still loving me.

signing off. XOXO

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