found this post from the draft in blogger, checked on the details and realized all these photos are at least 7 months old. so many posts, so much laziness.

so, this is just another short post on a simple outing with Yi Wei. *better than nothing, right?

the graffiti on the wall on the way to the washroom.

before I can decide what should I have for food, went to the toilet and found out all these graffiti on the way to the toilet. and as I know, every floor has different theme.

Yi Wei with the graffiti

while waiting for the food

was quite clueless on what to eat as most of the places are either full with people or it's not opened yet. so I have decided to go for Japanese food and had my meal at Ichiban Boshi.

ordered a set of salmon

see how happy she is with the food

I love sushi, especially salmon. and I can't finish the set of salmon all by myself, luckily she loves salmon as well. end up the set of salmon is not enough for both of us.

luckily ordered an extra sliced beef don

bought some food back to hostel

felt that what we had is not enough till the time we sleep, so decided to buy something for supper. saw this food stall named THE CUP, love the way they pack the food. looks like those Chinese food from ang moh movies, just that this is no Chinese food, but Korean food.

ordered bibimbap, and it's a huge disappointment.

I have no idea since when, am madly in love with Publika. it's always my first choice whenever people ask where to go for food and am there coincidentally.

signing off. XOXO

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