Amalina's engagement

about a month ago, received a spontaneous message from a university close friend, Amalina Hassan.

she has been quite busy since I have tried to date her for some short gathering, always 放飞机 (can't make it). kind of get some hints when she whatsapp me out of blue, didn't expect she will ask me to be her bridesmaid for her engagement.

still, didn't get to yam cha with her before her engagement. guess she's really busy. but she purposely went all the way to my office (while am having internship) and pass me the bridesmaid dress.
she showed me a bit of the dress and asked me will I be mind if I need to put the transparent scarf over my head, of course I wouldn't mind it, it's her big day.

this is what I see when am walking to her house from my car.

never been to her house, but it's not hard for me to spot her house will all the decorations outside her house. that's the place where guests get to get their food and also where they eat.

every corner of the house nicely decorated with white flowers. have no idea what flowers are those.

the view of her house when I stepped in her house

door gift for the guests

shoe cabinet before entering the house

where the ceremony held

I was told this is not a necessity, purely for picture purpose only. I was also told this engagement ceremony is way more grand than the usual ones.

took this by myself

used timer to take this photo. quite pai seh to ask others to take a full shot of myself wearing hijab, I know none of the bridesmaids. it's my very first time wearing hijab, and also my very first time as a bridesmaid. 

took a screenshot from one of the bridesmaids

just us chilling in the living room upstairs before the ceremony starts. was quite clueless on what to do from the very beginning till the end, luckily they are there to tell me what to do.

betrothal presents from the bride-to-be to the groom-to-be

betrothal presents from the groom-to-be to the bride-to-be

after all the pictures and the ceremony ends, it's food time. there is people who cook on the spot and also people who collect all the dirty plates and cups from the table.


totally have no idea what it is. thought it's watermelon juice, but it's not. thought it's sirap, but it's not. maybe it's air bandung?

a list of Malay food that fill the empty stomach

didn't really try all of the food there, but I did try roti jala. madly in love with it. ot's super duper yummy!!

oven hot apam balik that make on the spot

there is also fried cempedak and friend banana. I don't really like the friend banana, it's quite dry and the apam balik is kind of so so for me.

a photo of everyone pointing at her HUGE diamond ring

spent about 4 hours there and left when most of the guests have left. it's been quite an experience for me as a bridesmaid, and also for a Malay engagement. happy that she found someone reliable for the next chapter of her life.

signing off. XOXO

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