fuck that app!

wrote a long ass post on gone girl premiere screening I went few days ago. wrote and published for a few days.

decided to update my blog today. tapped on the blogger application in my phone so I can upload my photos straight from the phone without all the hassle of transferring from here to there using a fucking cable.
then I saw the gone girl post that I have saved as a draft in that app, updated and published through my laptop without using the app still remain as draft. tried to refresh the page but there is no fucking refresh button for me.

closed and opened the app again and that fucking annoying supposed have gone published but still remain draft post is still fucking there. forgive me, I have a bit of OCD.
so instead, I published the incomplete draft post to see if there is any changes. it is then published, but it is the incomplete draft.
got super annoyed and pissed, so trying my luck to delete it. thought I'll be just deleting the incomplete draft post, who knew it's my gone girl post.

how the fucking blogger app looks like

how the fuck can that happen? when I update liao, you can't detect it. but when I delete it, there is not a single trace of the post.

got real pissed and deleted the app for good. it's not the 1st time of me deleting the app from my phone, but it will be the last! will never ever download this fucking application anymore.

the only fucking reason am fucking using this fucking app is because it can save me from those hassle so that I don't have to fucking those pictures from the fucking phone. see what the fucking app has done to me! app is created to make life easier, this is making my life miserable!

I know am part of the fault as well, but I wouldn't delete the fucking post at the first place if the fucking application is fucking functioning properly. if it can't be synced properly to what the user had done using other than the app, then what is the fucking point to make up this fucking useless application!

sorry for being rude. but am super duper angry about this. I personally think I have wrote quite a good post about the movie. no more ohm to write another post liao. the fucking fella who made up the blogger application, FUCK YOU!

lastly, I still strongly recommend those who have not watch GONE GIRL, watch it. it's a great movie. watch it. you will never regret it.

signing off, XOXO

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  1. seriously... this app doesn't give any helpful at all. I was uninstalled too.